FRIDAY WIND DOWN: What’s not to Louvre with Vacheron Constantin FRIDAY WIND DOWN: What’s not to Louvre with Vacheron Constantin

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: What’s not to Louvre with Vacheron Constantin

Zach Blass

I know I cannot complain, considering I was just in London visiting arguably the world’s greatest watch collection, but watching Andrew from the sidelines this past week has given me serious FOMO. Vacheron Constantin, within their Métiers d’Art range, does not only represent the pinnacle of the manufacture’s capabilities, but also the pinnacle of craftsmanship across the industry as a whole. This week, Vacheron Constantin introduced the four latest entries into the Métiers d’Art collection in Paris – and they did it in trademark style.

The Lourve is a destination many around the world aim to visit in their lifetime. I have yet to visit Paris myself, so when I saw Andrew not only in Paris, not only with Vacheron, and not only in the Lourve, but in a totally shut down Lourve, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Zero exaggeration. They had the place to themselves, the roped-off queue normally packed with people was completely empty.

He had a private date with the Mona Lisa, THE MONA LISA!!!

And even more beautiful than the Mona Lisa, at least for watch enthusiasts, were the four new Métiers d’Art watches – all of which were crafted to represent four ancient cultures that have changed the course of human history: Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Fortunately, I plan to wash away my jealousy with a beverage or two this Memorial Day Weekend here in the States – as well as take a trip to the cinema for the new Top Gun: Maverick film I have been dying to see since the first trailer hit.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

– Zach

Watch meme of the week: To cam, or not to cam, that is the question…

With watches there are always tradeoffs. Vintage is all the rage, but older pieces are far trickier to navigate in regard to condition-grade and are more costly to service. Another, more niche, example is the cam chronograph versus a column-wheel chronograph. Column-wheel architectures are considered more luxurious, much more pleasant to use with their butter-smooth and crisp engagement and avoid any stutter upon actuation. Cam chronographs, however, while less glamorous are more cost-effective to service. Decisions, decisions…

Wrist shot of the week: Credor gets its moment in the feed

Our feeds are just a digital waterfall of watches, wrist-shot after wrist-shot. And we often see the usual suspects, like Rolex, dominate our feeds. So, when I saw a Credor shot pop-up I was ecstatic. Thankfully Leonard shared a shot of his very rare Credor GCBY999, a limited edition of 30 pieces. How can you not stop scrolling to look at the gorgeous white “moonlight wave” Imari Nabeshima Yaki dial with its hand-drawn elements. Stunning, simply stunning. Great pick up Leonard.

Time+Tide Shop select of the week: DOXA SUB 1500T Aquamarine


Following in the spirit of the SUB 300T Conquistador introduced in 1969, the first general public diving watch to meet the pressure challenge with the helium release valve, the SUB 1500T proves a worthy successor – an authentic diver’s watch built to withstand the toughest of challenges. Its cushion-shaped case is made of 316L stainless steel of the highest quality. With a diameter of 45 mm, the SUB 1500T is rated at 150 ATM for dives at depths up to 1,500 metres. Paying tribute to the SUB 300T Conquistador, it features the same patented unidirectional rotating bezel and integrated helium relief valve as its legendary predecessor. All the elements that provide dive mission-critical information are equipped with a Super‑LumiNova® coating to ensure optimum legibility underwater. The bracelet is 316L stainless steel and features a folding clasp with the DOXA fish symbol.

Price: $3,850 AUD

Buy it now at the Time+Tide Shop.

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