FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Portnoy trolls Crash, Omega teases tiny yet massive update FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Portnoy trolls Crash, Omega teases tiny yet massive update

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Portnoy trolls Crash, Omega teases tiny yet massive update

Zach Blass

Davey boy, oh Davey boy. Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has already found himself in hot water with, what he refers to, as “watch geeks”. The launch of his watch brand Brick Watch Company was absolutely ridiculed by watch enthusiasts online, the recurring theme being that his designs were unimaginative, generic, ugly and overpriced. In his standard form, he clapped back at the watch community – arguing with logic only his “Stoolies” would ever accept.

Portnoy, though, is by no means a moron. Blunt, brash and lacking class? Maybe. But his successful ventures, at least outside of watches, are evidence enough of, at the very least, business smarts. The back and forth had seemingly died down. The watch community came together, he responded, and we continued to reject the premise of his offering until it fell out of the news cycle. This week, however, Portnoy poked the watch enthusiast bear via an Instagram story trolling the grail-status Cartier Crash. I will not argue against the notion the design is not for everyone, but “mangled” is definitely not the adjective that comes to mind when I see a Crash. And, poor maths there Portnoy. You could buy a lot more than seven Brick watches with a Cartier Crash budget.

But enough horological TMZ, the more sophisticated headline this week is that Omega has something brewing for January 26th. While some movie trailers and teasers make you feel like you have already watched the film, Omega is not giving us too much to work off here. What we know is the tagline and hashtag, the above photo shared on Omega’s Instagram with the caption: “Tiny Device. Massive Change. January 26th. Stay tuned. #Speedmaster”. Based on the image, caption and hashtag, the dominant theory is that the Speedmaster will be getting an upgrade in the power reserve department. It is safe to say the tiny device bringing massive change is a spring, whether a balance spring or mainspring. Fortunately we will have the full picture later this month.

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Watch meme of the week: Hands-off


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Pro tip: do not ever grab someone’s watch at a meetup without introducing yourself and asking first. I have always been blown away by how comfortable and open we watch geeks can be at meetups, handing people we may have never met before our most prized possessions. So, while some may be more nonchalant than others, my personal take is this is not a scenario where you want to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Do not wind a crown or engage a pusher. You know what, I am going to cut this off here – this is definitely a full write-up for another day.

Wrist shot of the week: Omega SeaSwatch?


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No, not actually. But I am highlighting this Stevie Mac Seamaster shot because it is crazy to think about how uniform the modern Seamaster collection is, while its past was riddled with variation. Today the Seamaster is known for its Reese’s cup helium escape valve, wavey dials, ceramic bezel, factory bracelet and rubber strap. In the past, however, the Seamaster could look like a dress watch or a sports watch, the name bearing no clue as to how it could look. This Omega Seamaster Recife ref. s0396.0984 is from 1984, and utilises an intriguing anodic oxidized steel case and bracelet. In short, it almost feels like Marc Newson had his way with the Seamaster. Like early Apple vibes, or, perhaps, a Swatchy take on the Seamaster. I kind of dig it.

Time+Tide Shop select of the week: Hamilton Ventura XXL Bright

The luminosity of the PSR, but in an iconic analogue format, the Ventura XXL Bright brings an electrifying light-up dial to the Ventura Collection. A symbol of innovation since 1957, the world’s first battery-powered watch continues to spark conversation decades later.

Price: A$2,250. You can purchase the watch right here in the Time+Tide Shop.

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VIDEO: Inside the Omega Speedmaster ’57’s sandwich dial



Sandwich dials have always commanded a sense of mystery and luxury, with very few brands dipping their toes into the genre despite its popularity. Omega surprised many with its release of a second generation for the Omega Speedmaster ’57 in 2022, now featuring a sandwich dial construction against any semblance of vintage accuracy. Whether or not the original Broad Arrow watches used this technique, we can’t deny that it creates an absolutely stunning effect on this new watch thanks to the added depth of the aged Super-LumiNova. Andrew recently visited Greg Kissling, the VP of Product with Omega, to figure out exactly what goes into building a sandwich dial. Watch the video above to learn more.

What is so special about the new Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 1?

Blancpain has just unveiled the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 70th Anniversary Act 1. This three-series limited edition kicks off the 70th anniversary celebrations with a limited edition that debuts a 42mm case that’s new to the contemporary catalogue – although it’s actually the very case diameter of the original Fifty Fathoms diver from 1953. Head here for the full overview.