FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Omega raises pricing for Seamaster 300M divers FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Omega raises pricing for Seamaster 300M divers

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Omega raises pricing for Seamaster 300M divers

Zach Blass

This week, many members of the watch community noted that, once again, Omega has incrementally raised the pricing on one of their bestselling models, the Omega Seamaster 300M. While some wondered if this was a move to capitalise on the lack of availability of competing divers like the Rolex Submariner, the truth is likely far more boring. Every few years, brands like Omega, and even Rolex, will incrementally increase the retail price of their watches to account for inflation. Sure, it is not necessarily a devastating move for buyers worldwide, but it does make a bit of a difference over time. Once, if you asked me which watch you should consider purchasing under $5,000 USD I would have definitely mentioned the Omega Seamaster 300M on a rubber strap. But now, after an increase of $200 USD, the watch has surpassed $5,000 USD – moving up from $4,900 USD to $5,100 USD.

Omega raises pricing

This also can cause a slight trickle-down effect in the secondary market, with pre-owned pricing upped to match the raised value at retail. At this time, the Omega Speedmaster Professional 3861 Co-Axial remains at the pricing it was introduced at last year, so the price hikes were not enacted across the board of the Omega catalogue. But it’s another reminder that as you save your money for your next watch, you may need to budget an extra few hundred dollars to score it when the time comes.

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Watch meme of the week: Where leather loses

Omega raises pricing

Leather is by far the most elegant mode of affixing a watch to your wrist. It is classic and customisable, and therefore is a great means of introducing colour and personality to your watch. Swapping between straps can also make one watch look like multiple, stretching the aesthetic of your piece and preventing things from getting stale – especially if you know you need to hold off on your next watch hunt. There are, of course, tradeoffs, one of which is why I cry foul whenever I see leather paired with aquatic suited sports watches. Water is the enemy of leather, and this is the minor Achilles heel of the material. Whether it’s during a hot summer or on vacation, where sweat inevitably ensues or a water-related adventure is on the horizon, this is the moment to switch to rubber, fabric, or metal as a strap option. Even fabric though, when wet, feels a bit like wearing a damp towel. So as the above suggests, it is something I can definitely relate too. It is like putting on a washed shirt that hasn’t made its way into the dryer. It just doesn’t feel great. So, when it comes to straps, be strategic my friends.

Wrist shot of the week: Nikolaus Hirsch almost has me convinced with Rolex steel on leather


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Am I rushing to try a leather strap on my Datejust? Absolutely not. But I have to give credit where credit is due. The one advantage, in my mind, of playing strap monster with a steel sports Rolex is the ability to personalise the look and make it your own – to stand out from the herd. Nikolaus’ Milgauss takes on a whole new look and vibe, masterfully paired with a black leather strap, stacked with a black leather bracelet, and contrasted against a grey sleeve. It is the kind of vibe that GQ would totally approve of, a tied together look that results in a stellar ensemble. I advise against it, more often than not, as a bit of a Rolex purist. But if you are going to make a strap change, take inspirational cues from Nikolaus – who for the record is a watch stylist and owner of the strap manufacturer, Hirsch.

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