FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Nothing like a good ol’ impromptu watch meetup FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Nothing like a good ol’ impromptu watch meetup

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Nothing like a good ol’ impromptu watch meetup

Zach Blass

Hey there. It’s Ricardo again with another Friday Wind Down takeover. It was only a matter of time before I would be back for Zach and this week, provided the perfect opportunity to steal the reins.

This past Monday, I met up with some #watchfam for a last minute dinner hosted by Derek (@theminutemon) for David Jumpa @which_watch_next. David is in New York City visiting and enjoying the sights while also meeting up with others in the community. At the table, we also had @lume_shot and @picturethiswatch, both main staples in the New York watch scene.

David Jumpa and his Datejust

Over the course of a few hours, we all got to know David and his story. Originally from Peru, he has made quite a name for himself in Thailand with his photography and video work. His experiences provided a plethora of tips and lessons for those of us at the table who like to shoot watches. There was even a 30-minute discussion on the different cameras we use and the ones he likes to shoot with.

The obligatory group wristshot

But beyond the watch and camera talk, the best parts of the night were the moments we got to talk about life. Our experiences, the watch-collecting goals we are trying to accomplish and the amazing people we’ve been able to meet through our travels. More than anything, these are the most rewarding parts of a meetup like this and it’s why meeting David and breaking bread/dumplings with him was the highlight of my week.

Handing the mic back over to Zach now, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

– Ricardo

Watch meme of the week: A lesson in grey dealers’ vocabulary from @simonzzo


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This carousel of memes had me dying, because it’s outrageous yet true. When people buy an apartment or car, the purchaser is typically looking for them to be pristine and fixed-up. Yet, with watches, it is a whole other animal. If a case or dial has been retouched it is blasphemy, a dealbreaker for informed collectors and, in the age of vintage-love in watches, people find perfection in imperfections resulting from age. But, dealers now abuse this appreciation – marketing damage as an attraction. It is not water-damage, it is a tropical dial etc. So read between the lines, and make sure you scrutinise the photos of the watch before purchasing – or better yet, go see it “in the metal”.

Wrist shot of the week: Nicolas Cage is still rockin’ his Grand Seiko SLGA008

We were ecstatic to see Grand Seiko have a red carpet moment on the wrist of Nicolas Cage last week. It is just so cool to see a brand, perhaps under the radar to the mainstream, get some time in the limelight – especially on the wrist of a beloved actor. Yesterday, though, the reach extended further, with the SLGA008 appearing once again on Cage’s wrist while promoting his new film on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The watch is seen in clear view while the actor discusses his film (along with any other randomness that is on his mind).

Time+Tide Weekend Watch Crossword #7 answers and winner of the “mystery prize”

For our seventh Weekend Watch Crossword, the theme was “Watches & Wonders Geneva 2022”. Taking home the “mystery prize” for this week, the randomly selected winner is Boris (@watches_and_chokes). Keep an eye out for a DM from us on how to claim your prize!

Time+Tide select of the week: Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm “Earth”


The Khaki Field Mechanical is not only a faithful recreation of a watch true to Hamilton’s military heritage ’60s design, it is also widely considered one of the best entry-level mechanical watches on the market. This configuration features Hamilton’s unique ‘Earth’ coloured PVD case coating, and its 80 hour power reserve caliber punches far above its pricing weight class.

Price: $875 AUD

Buy it now at the Time+Tide Shop, available for Australia & New Zealand only.

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F1 driver Charles Leclerc robbed of $430k Richard Mille in throng of fans


Lando Norris was the first F1 driver that we are aware of to be mugged for his Richard Mille, following an incident outside Wembley Stadium after the Euro 2020 final. But now Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc can relate. Read the full article here.

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