FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Blancpain finds its way into the Jack Reacher universe FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Blancpain finds its way into the Jack Reacher universe

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Blancpain finds its way into the Jack Reacher universe

Zach Blass

Earlier this week I swung by the 5th avenue Blancpain boutique for an evening with NYC Watch Crew and bestselling author Dan Ames.

You may be wondering: why was an author a special guest at a watch meetup?

In Ames’ latest expansion of the Jack Reacher universe, a beloved series of books by Lee Child once adapted into a film with Tom Cruise and now a series on Amazon Prime, the author has outfitted the leading character with a Fifty Fathoms watch in his book Hit Them Fast Hit Them Hard.

The book synopsis explains: “When former Special Investigator John Heller discovers the bodies of two women, he quickly becomes the target of their killers. Soon, Heller and other members of Jack Reacher’s Special Investigators become caught up in a deadly conspiracy.”

From Ames’ speech, it was abundantly clear he was a watch nerd like the rest of us. He noted how he loves watchspotting in novels, and how he can always tell whether or not the author has a genuine knowledge or passion for watches. Ames particularly appreciates the example of Ian Fleming, who carefully selected the Rolex Explorer for Bond in his novels. In Ames’ evaluation process, he ultimately decided the ultimate dive watch companion for his character was the Fifty Fathoms – noting he knew some in the room would have said the Rolex Submariner. But, he carefully outlined his thought process, noting the heritage the Fifty Fathoms has in its rigorous testing and acceptance into the US Military. It was really neat to hear him geek out over watches and the thought process behind the Fifty Fathoms being included in his book. Not a soul in the room disagreed with his decision after hearing his full explanation.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

– Zach

Watch meme of the week: Tomei knows more than just the ins and outs of a Skylark


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I do not need to qualify this meme. Any watch meme that incorporates My Cousin Vinny gets immediately included in my Wind Down. In all seriousness though, the watch community is more educated than ever – and very meticulous with facts and figures (case in point: the great Rolex Explorer v. Smiths Everest debate). Nothing gets by the watch community.

Wrist shot of the week: More Parmigiani please

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Time+Tide Shop select of the week: Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic


Match your next adventure to a watch that honors Hamilton’s military heritage with authentic, built-for-action style. Truly fit for life in the field, the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic is the ultimate all-purpose watch for modern heroes. Read more about the watch here, or click to purchase below.

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