FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A Porsche parade in Paris with TAG Heuer FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A Porsche parade in Paris with TAG Heuer

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A Porsche parade in Paris with TAG Heuer

Zach Blass

Well, I have definitely been racking up some miles of late. Following the launch of the Norqain Wild One in Zermatt, I was scarcely back in New York City before heading off to Paris for the launch of the TAG Heuer x Porsche 911 Carrera R.S. 2.7 Limited Editions in honour of the classic car’s 50th anniversary.

The launch was held in Paris because it was in this very city that the Porsche 911 Career R.S. 2.7 was unveiled 50 years ago on October 5, 1972. Upon arriving at the hotel, what can only be described as a Porsche parade was waiting outside the entrance – the entire street filled with a combination of vintage and modern Porsches.

These rare 911 Carrera R.S. 2.7 cars, which, on average have a value of half a million dollars, were sourced thanks to a network of Porsche collectors across Europe – the cars shipped or driven to meet us for an incredible road trip.

The morning leg of the journey led us to the Château de Baronville located between Paris and Chartres. As we worked our way out of the city, pedestrians were in awe as the cavalry of Porsches sped by with smiles and phone cameras pointed in our direction on every street. With such low suspension, you could really feel the road beneath (particularly those cobblestone roads). Seeing a group of school children lighting up as we passed by was one of many highlights of the day, a reminder of the surreal nature of what I had the privilege to partake in.

A few hours later we arrived at the historic palace – I was in a yellow Porsche 911 Carrera R.S. 2.7 no less – and I felt like a Bridgerton heading off to the ball with my dance card.

The only thing, perhaps, more beautiful than the estate was the nature surrounding it – the ample land a perfect place to park over 30 Porsches and enjoy a five-star lunch.

TAG Heuer’s heritage director Nicholas Biebuyck and chief marketing officer George Ciz greeted us all and proceeded to delve into the history of TAG Heuer and Porsche, the many parallels between the iconic manufactures, and how their similar paths over the years led to their inevitable partnership.

After lunch, we all took a few more wrist-shots of the watches next to their matching vehicles before jumping into our assigned cars for the next leg of the journey. Each lucky attendee had the privilege of riding in four different cars, two vintage and two modern. Understandably, the owners of the vintage cars drove their own vehicles throughout the day. But we were allowed to drive the modern ones through the scenic French landscapes. Well, not me, as I am that stereotypical New York City guy without a driver’s licence 🤦‍♂️. I still, however, took on the crucial role of navigator throughout my rides.

To learn more about the new TAG Heuer x Porsche 911 Carrera R.S. 2.7 Limited Editions you can head here for our full review.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Watch meme of the week: They call it ‘quick-change’ for a reason…


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While we often fancy (or fantasise) ourselves as watchmakers, sometimes DIY watchmaking doesn’t go your way. Even with the right springboard tool or tweezers, things can go awry. Without WOSTEP-trained hands, each strap swap at home can have ramifications, and with your more precious watches it is sometimes best left to the professionals. This is ultimately why many collectors today have let brands know that quick-change straps can no longer be a novelty, they need to be standard issue. With strap monsters rife in watch collecting, people rightly enjoy switching up the look of their watches – making one wear like many. And neither your watch, or yourself, should have to get bruised and blemished in the process.

Wrist shot of the week: Carrera meet Carrera

I know, heavy on the Carrera content. But c’mon. How often do you get to see a watch and its muse side by side. With only 500 of the steel sporty blue model to be made, and only 1,500 Porsche 911 Carrera R.S. 2.7 ever made, having both these items in the same place is definitely not a daily sighting. The attention to detail by TAG Heuer here is top-notch, the fonts and colours perfectly matched between car and watch.

Time+Tide Shop select of the week: NOW Magazine – The Watch Buying Guide – Issue 5

Some things are not improved by technology. Mechanical watches. Slow time, well spent. The tactility of a high-quality magazine. NOW combines all three wonderful things. Issue 5 is available now with a full buying guide that curates 207 of the best releases of the past year. Alongside the guide you’ll enjoy a ton of in-depth articles that include:

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  • Why super-producer Mark Ronson signed up with Audemars Piguet
  • How Konstantin Chaykin dreamed up the creative design of The Joker
  • Plus much, much more.

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