FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A McDreamy / McSteamy trip to Monaco & Hida hotness at The Armoury FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A McDreamy / McSteamy trip to Monaco & Hida hotness at The Armoury

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: A McDreamy / McSteamy trip to Monaco & Hida hotness at The Armoury

Zach Blass

Mr McUtchen, a.k.a McSteamy, continues to leave me green with envy stateside. His latest escapades abroad include having an oceanside chat with actor Patrick Dempsey on all things TAG Heuer in Monaco for the Grand Prix – which he got to enjoy in a private box as well.

It’s good to be the king… As to why he has been dubbed McSteamy, you’ll have to watch one of our latest videos on the Time+Tide YouTube channel.

Back in the good ol’ US of A, Ricardo swung by The Armoury in downtown NYC to get a closer look at The Armoury x Naoya Hida & Co. Lettercutter collaboration.

Full disclosure, Ricardo was not always sold on Naoya Hida & Co’s designs. But here lies the importance of seeing a timepiece “in the metal” – he did a literal 180 once he had a closer look. His first thoughts upon getting the watch in hand: “The case, the font choice, the incorporation of the colour blue. I know some may have issues with the price but speaking purely on the design, it’s damn near perfect.”

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

– Zach

Watch meme of the week: American Psycho

Five key words: don’t be a watch snob. I refer you to a classic yarn of mine to better understand how not to be that regrettable person at your local meetup.

Wrist shot of the week: Reverso, meet ladder bracelet…


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I am a bit of a factory configuration stickler. Just my preference, but I tend to prefer to maintain the manufacture’s artistic vision aesthetically speaking with my watches. But, I may need to take a play out of Suguru’s book. The JLC Reverso is an icon in its own right, and the ladder bracelet a signature strap of Zenith. So, what would happen if you mashed up the two together? You get the above, and I have to say I kind of dig it.

Time+Tide Shop select of the week: Tissot PRX 35mm gold

In an exciting new chapter of its story, Tissot introduces new models to its PRX line-up. The range is distinctive for its slenderness, the strength of its design and its timeless style. Now available in a 35mm case, Tissot honours the exact dimensions of the 1978 original on which the PRX’s retro design is based.

Price: $700 AUD

Buy it now at the Time+Tide Shop.

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VIDEO: These are Patrick Dempsey’s three favourite TAG Heuer watches

While it’s debatable that Patrick Dempsey may have ruined Andrew’s chances at being called McDreamy, Dempsey’s genuine enthusiasm for racing, watches, and all things TAG Heuer is undeniable. Check out the video above to watch McDreamy and newly christened McSteamy dig into racing, Heuer heritage, and their favourite watch models.

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