FRIDAY WIND DOWN: SIHH 2021 is already cancelled, Cartier is feeling very generous and it’s a special birthday for Jack Heuer


Well, with the sense of a big black limousine passing through the neighbourhood in the middle of the night, there goes 2021 watch fairs. It’s November 2020, and the two biggest fairs of the coming year are already cancelled. So, as watch lovers, we face yet another year of digital attempts to re-create the magic, the moment, the madness of Baselworld and SIHH. As watch media people, we face the prospect of another year of infrequent flying and not handling watches in the metal very often.

What a shake-up to a routine that had many of us lulled into a sense of inevitability, of security – there is none of this anymore. We will cherish the chances to be together with our colleagues in the years to come like never before. We will cherish the events, held locally, where we can connect in person. We will pore like visually challenged fanatics over new watches when – if – they are presented to us. Everything that was old, and routine, will be new again. To commiserate, we featured some of our favourite affordables from the second last multi-brand fair we went to, in January 2019.

What else is happening? Lots. Lots and lots. The Time+Tide team is poised in the proverbial gates like a jacked stallion, waiting for the starter’s gun. We have some big announcements to make over the coming days and weeks … we all can’t wait to share it with you.

Can somebody just pull the trigger on that starter’s gun already?

Have great weekends all, and enjoy the three biggest stories of the week, as voted by your eyeballs.


6 impressive quartz watches released in 2020, including Grand Seiko, Breitling and Bulova

best quartz watches of 2020
The expertly finished caseback of the quartz Grand Seiko SBGV238.

Here at Time+Tide, we are fans of quartz watches (particularly Nick Kenyon, who wrote an impassioned defence of his enamoured relationship with one quartz watch). If you’re into quartz, check out these winners. 

If you own a Cartier Pasha – second-hand included – you can have it serviced by Cartier FOR FREE. Nix. Nothing.

Cartier Pasha

One of the hesitations you might face when considering your next vintage watch purchase is the cost of servicing the thing. Depending on the brand, you could be up for a bill that looks like what you paid for the watch, which can be a big turnoff. But for the lucky owners of a Cartier Pasha, you can get your watch serviced for free. Don’t wait till the offer ends!

I’m sure we’d all be happy if we got a gold watch for our birthday. But what about having a gold watch released for your birthday? That’s exactly what Jack Heuer, former CEO of TAG Heuer, got this week to celebrate his 88th lap around the sun. His favourite ever reference, the Heuer Carrera 1158CHN, was reissued to modern specifications, but with that same vintage vibe. Happy Birthday, Jack!