FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 12th May, 2017 – the e-commerce edition FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 12th May, 2017 – the e-commerce edition

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 12th May, 2017 – the e-commerce edition

Felix Scholz

One of the biggest trends in watches isn’t colour, shape or size, but rather something more prosaic and far more important – finding new ways to sell them. Twenty-two years after eBay was founded, the luxury sector is finally getting serious about selling watches online. So rather than slacking off and sipping exotic cocktails in what’s left of the winter sun, we’re hunkered down in front of our desks, reading financial news, like the nerds we are.

What happened

Look, we know it’s got nothing to do with e-commerce, but when everyone’s favourite scandi-watch/fashion/lyf-guru Kristian Haagen drops knowledge on vintage watches, we’re all behoved to read it. Plus we love that he looks like he’s cutting some Kraftwerk moves in this pic.

What really mattered

Cartier has been making waves all over recently, and not just because of the star-studded launch of the Panthère de Cartier in sunny LA. Or even because Jackie Kennedy’s gold Tank (what else would she wear?) is coming up for auction.

No, we’re particularly interested in the fact that currently the only place you can buy the Panthère isn’t your local Cartier boutique, but rather Net-a-Porter. Because what’s more luxurious than being able to buy a diamond-encrusted watch from home, in the comfort of your cashmere track pants?

Image:  REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

LVMH clearly isn’t going to allow themselves to be caught flatfooted – the luxury conglomerate is launching a multi-brand e-commerce platform called ‘24 Sevres’, which will be offering a range of products from fashion, cosmetics and luggage collections from June 6. By rigorously curating the range of products available, LVMH is trying to address the main challenge of luxury e-commerce – preserving a feeling of exclusivity. No watches are available on the platform yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Coming soon – watches and bags

On the pre-owned side of the digital fence, StockX, the platform for premium sneakers, has announced they’re moving into high-end handbags and watches. The startup is hot property right now, and is expected to move $100m of product this year. So it’s no surprise that they’ve picked some top talent to head up their new categories: former Christie’s SVP Reginald Brack is looking after watches, and The RealReal’s Cynthia Houlton is taking care of the bags. Look out chrono24.

The week in numbers

43: Size in millimetres of the wearable new Heuer 01

5: Ironclad, irrefutable rules for what watch to wear with black tie

15: People, busy arguing about the above irrefutable rules on Facebook

1: Montblanc charity event we’re heading off to. Right now. See you next week!