FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 11th November, 2016 – the American greatness edition FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 11th November, 2016 – the American greatness edition

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 11th November, 2016 – the American greatness edition

Felix Scholz


Well, the unavoidable news this week is that Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States – a surprise victory won on the back of a promise to ‘Make America Great Again’. Don’t worry – we won’t get all political on you. But we did feel this edition of the Wind Down was the perfect opportunity for a look at all that’s great about American watchmaking, past and present. And if you need a stiff drink to go with it, don’t let us stop you.


In the nineteenth century, American watchmaking was on a par with the best the Swiss had on offer, with companies like Waltham, Hamilton, Elgin and Ball making high-quality, accurate timepieces on an industrial scale. While several of these great names – such as Ball and Hamilton – still exist, these days they’re made in Switzerland. Which isn’t to say that American watchmaking is purely a thing of the past. Brands like Kobold, RGM and Weiss are continuing this grand tradition, albeit on a much smaller scale. Perhaps a boost here could help make American watchmaking even greater?


But it’s not easy. A while back the American Federal Trade Commission cracked down on deceptive marketing practices regarding ‘American Made’ claims. Certainly a Trump government could change what constitutes American-made – currently a much stricter standard than Swiss-made – which would help them remain competitive.

President Reagan and his Rolex Datejust. Image: Jake’s Rolex World

Then there are the Presidential watches themselves. In his now canonical piece for Hodinkee, Eric Wind exhaustively runs through the timepieces worn in the Oval Office. Well worth a read.

Image: Vanity Fair
President-elect Trump wearing a Rolex Day-Date. Image: Vanity Fair

What will Trump himself wear? Well, Deployant suggests that we may well see him wear the Rolex President. We’d expect nothing less.

The week in numbers:

16: Winners announced at the GPHG last night

28: Diamonds on the elegant JLC Reverso One Duetto Moon

6: Cracking watches Zach Weiss picked as his faves from the Wind-Up Watch Fair

250,000: Swiss Francs that Blancpain will donate to maritime conservation projects from the sales of the brilliant blue Ocean Commitment II. Bravo!