FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 10th April, 2015 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 10th April, 2015

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 10th April, 2015

Andrew McUtchen

** This Friday wind down is solely and wholly dedicated to Richie Benaud. Richie had several qualities that all men should aspire to; honesty, obsession with perfection in his work, passion, compassion and, in the words of a friend of ours, Simon Castles, knowing “when not to say anything at all. He allowed the silence, then said a few words that were always smarter than everyone else’s.” Summer in Australia will never be the same again. Salute to the cream, the white, the off-white, the ivory and the beige, this man was the greatest. Rest in peace, Richie. **



Number of Likes on the most liked Insta Pic – 810

Oh boy, @andytian and his serviced late ’70s Datejust had us all swooning. The moral of the story is service your watches, you never know what second or third or tenth life is waiting in them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.43.01 AM

Most emojis used in an Instagram post: 15

Best emoji game of the week – @Revolution_ig – Benchmark emoji game went to a whole new level when they spotted this model. No less than 15 emojis, with good diversity and creativity displayed. Hats off @Revolution_ig


Number of people deeply confused by Longines’ Instagram Account – LOTS

@Sparkopolis suggested that the biggest band in China feature “less…people in hats”. @Mathewcowden was less kind describing the account as a “collection of plonkers at the ponies.” Both gents however like the Majetek, a lot. The last word here goes to @sparkopolis: “more pictures of the watches please, ffs.”

Longines IG

Number of Speedmasters released by Omega – None, but it is only midday

And no more sides of the moon discovered this week. But! Wait! We have an announcement to make next week regarding one of the Basel Speedies. We can’t say anything, not even a hint, but it’s big, Charlie Brown.

Worst watch placement in a TV show – Rolex Daytona, Lost

Dear Prop Master of Lost, I know this is note is about a decade late (my wife only just started watching your show, she’s a late adopter like that) but FYI, a guy running a backpacker travel agency in Sydney would NEVER WEAR A DAYTONA ON A LEATHER STRAP. Yes, they’re swindlers, but are you kidding me? Unless of course it was meant to look like a cheap knockoff, which of course, would be much more like it. If so, as you were, good job.

 Number of Women’s Watches reviewed: 1!


Ladies, we’re trying, we’re sorry. And to prove it we chose the new Longines Symphonette (which, like the Baume & Mercier Promesse I have to confess, father, I find very sexy) as the last of Longines’ new watches to be painted by Sunflowerman for the Longines Watercolour Watch Project. Which, by the way, has probably been our proudest project so far. Stay tuned for where these precious works of art end up. Thanks again to the Managing Ed of iW Magazine Nola Martin for helping us get our lady on. So many never seen before adjectives on Time+Tide, a beautifully written piece, round of applause.