FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 9th December, 2016 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 9th December, 2016

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 9th December, 2016

Felix Scholz

Friday-Wind Down-29-7

In the flurry of pre-holiday/SIHH business, we managed to find time for a lightning trip to Sydney, to catch up with HYT CEO Gregory Dourde and see these incredible watches in the metal. And when we say lightning we mean it literally. As far as impressive events go, spending an evening on the 30m yacht Colette, surrounded by a spectacular lightning storm is hard to top – though the hydromechanical creations of Dourde and his team certainly gave mother nature a run for money.

HYT before the storm
And during.

What happened


We’re not the only people running an online Advent series. Nomos have been running one for the past few years, each day giving away an insight into the company along with the chance to win beautifully designed Nomos stocking stuffers.

What really mattered


To be perfectly frank, 2016 has been pretty rubbish, with an ever growing roll call of heroes, icons and celebrities passing away. The lastest casuality is pioneering astronaut John Glenn, who passed away aged 95. Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth, in 1962. Of course NASA’s space program is synonymous with the Omega Speedmaster, but Glenn’s Mercury-Atlas 6 mission happened before the Moonwatch became standard issue. So it was that Glenn completed his mission with a Heuer 2915A stopwatch strapped to his wrist. Onthedash has the full story behind this historically significant watch.

The week in numbers

0: Advent calendar postings we’ve failed to deliver so far this December, but it’s early days. Wish us luck.

1: Finishing place of the Alinghi boat in yesterday’s Extreme Sailing Series races. (We were rooting for Alinghi as HYT are a major sponsor.)

2: Boats capsized in yesterday’s races.

3: Flights almost missed by Team T+T this week. You’d think we’d have a handle on time, right? Sadly not.