FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 7th April, 2017 – the Basel comedown edition FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 7th April, 2017 – the Basel comedown edition

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 7th April, 2017 – the Basel comedown edition

Felix Scholz

Forgive us readers for we have sinned. It’s been two weeks since our last Wind Down. But we’re hoping you’ll forgive us as we’ve been a little preoccupied with the cavalcade of new releases that is Baselworld. Well, now we’ve overcome the jetlag and it’s back to business as usual. Which today means making the most of the fading summer sun, with a beer in hand and some very fresh memories to pick through.

What happened

Honestly we’re still coming down off the Basel high, and getting up to speed with the wider watch world so we’re probably not as well placed as usual to tell you. But we do know there’s record breaking auctions in the offing, yet another Hodinkee limited edition and it looks like we’re getting a Patek Philippe boutique in Sydney. Stay tuned for our top picks of Basel video that’s dropping tomorrow, but until then, how about a Best Of list with a difference? Written by a guy named Eric.

What really mattered

Remember that bag of swag we’ve been stuffing with the best watch swag we can find, in preparation for giving it away to one of our subscribers? Well, just a few minutes ago we fired up the trusty random number generator, compared it to an excel spreadsheet, and determined that the lucky winner is Miguel Gastelum. Miguel, if you’re reading this congratulations! If you’re not, well, we’ll email you.

The (last few weeks) in numbers:

65,753: Views of our overview of the key Rolex releases.

1,020,098: The number of people that viewed, commented, liked or shared our Basel coverage on Facebook.

19: People we met at Baselworld claiming to be @shameonwrist Hey, call us SOW, let’s sort out the real you from the pretenders.

1: Awesome intern jetting back to Switzerland this week. Elise, you will be missed. (We’re pretty sure Elise is not @shameonwrist) The whole team is a collective tear emoji right now.

1: Time+Tide team members currently on a boat.