FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 29th July, 2016 FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 29th July, 2016

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 29th July, 2016

Felix Scholz

Friday-Wind Down-29-7

To paraphrase Stipe et al – it’s the end of the week as we know it. We started off the week watching highlights of Juventus’s 2015 Seria A finals  in preparation for Monday night’s Q&A with players hosted by Hublot. After such a promising, ahem, kick-off to the week, the following days raced by in a blur and the next thing you know, here we are, polishing off a bottle of Chivas.

What happened?

Image of Benedict Cumberbatch via
Benedict Cumberbatch with a very solid choice from Omega. Image of Benedict Cumberbatch via

Ceri got her horological sleuth on, spotting some of the finest watches on celebrity arms at San Diego Comic-Con. What did we learn? Well, aside from the fact that Shatner’s got a giant Ball and the Norman Reedus is a surprise baller, we discovered that Ceri prefers the mighty oak that is Chris Hemsworth over the weedy Chris Pine. Actually, we all do. As you were.

The Cartier Cloche. Image via
The Cartier Cloche. Image via

What else? Well, the team over at Monochrome put together a great overview of Cartier’s long history of shapely watches. Wonder how long it will be until the quirky Cartier Cloche gets its own reissue?

What really mattered?

Swatch group CEO Nick Hayek. Image via Bloomberg

The Swatch Group’s financials continued to dominate the news, with Bloomberg taking a swipe at Hayek, as well as providing some historical context. As you’d expect, watch guys have a different take on the dollars and (fiscal) sense analysis provided by Bloomberg and other financial news outlets, with many saying that, given the glut of production and ever-soaring RRPs, a correction was inevitable. This is the view of Robert-Jan Broer over at Fratello Watches, who argues that some good results for watch lovers might come out of this.

The week in numbers


532: Likes on our picture of the controversial new Air-King. If Instagram provided a dislike button, we suspect a similar number would have tapped that too.


0: Actual Bell & Ross AeroGT cars in existence. Boo!


1000: Actual AeroGT watches in existence – 500 of the BR03-92 and 500 of the BR03-94. Yay!