FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 27th January 2017 – the celebration edition FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 27th January 2017 – the celebration edition

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 27th January 2017 – the celebration edition

Felix Scholz

Friday Wind Down 9

Australia Day yesterday, Chinese New Year tomorrow – so much partying to be had. But you know what we’re celebrating here in the T+T office? Overcoming jet lag. Seriously, today is the first day this week we’ve managed to maintain concisousness at four in the afternoon. Not sure if it’s wise, but we think that’s something to drink to. Kung Hei Fat Choi Australia!

What happened


Insta-royalty WatchAnish unveiled this season’s must have horological lifestyle accessory – Rolex-inspired sunnies that are “a fusion between watches and watching.” Apparently. All we really want to know is: do the bezels rotate?


In local news, Brisbane police have released footage of a man brazenly stealing a $15k Rolex by swapping it with a fake. The switcheroo occurred on January 27, 2016, almost a year after the same man stole a $5k TAG Heuer. We suspect the police released the video to dissuade him from knocking off a $35K Hublot this year.

What really mattered


Leading online watch sales site Chrono24 released some annual stats on what people searched for in 2016. In the most un-shocking revelation ever, black-dialled steel sports Rolex models are quite popular. More interestingly, they also included lists of models that were in low demand, including some quite handsome and less-common options from Cartier, Jaquet Droz and Ulysse Nardin – good news if you happen to be in the market.

The week in numbers:

607: Facebook votes for the Baume & Mercier in Apples to Apples Episode One. Well Done B&M

148: Votes for Frederique Constant in aforementioned challenge. Better luck next time Fred

1: Timezones occupied by T+T staff. Yay.

10: Watches Andrew and I picked as our favourites from SIHH. I can’t speak for Andrew, but I still stand by my choices a whole seven days later.