FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 21st October, 2016 – the mixed bag edition FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 21st October, 2016 – the mixed bag edition

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 21st October, 2016 – the mixed bag edition

Felix Scholz

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Today’s Wind Down is, much like this week, a bit all over the shop. Though Time+Tide has momentarily ceased its globetrotting antics, that doesn’t mean we’ve been laying idle, so stay tuned. But in a week packed with a bold blue Bell & Ross and the curvaceous Clé we managed to find some gems out there, including the coolest cactus-themed jewellery we’ve seen in a long time (and trust us, you see a lot browsing Etsy). So, pour yourself a tequila and say hola to the Friday Wind Down.

What happened?

A little while ago, Petrolicious main man Ted Gushue told us the tale behind his lovely GMT-Master. This week he took it a step further with a video produced by American dealer Crown & Caliber, showing off his whole collection (we completely agree with his take on the Seiko SKX009 btw). We also really like that Ted has mastered the ‘casually chilling out in a Porsche wearing a Sub’ look – something many strive for, but few master.


And now for a complete change of course. We were hanging out on the Cartier website, making a quick beeline for the watches/men’s watches section when our attention was caught by a particularly stunning ring….inspired by a cactus. Yep, you read me right. The Cactus de Cartier collection is brand new, and is, as you’d expect, full of luscious organic forms – not a spike in sight. We’re hoping next year to see similar ranges inspired by watermelons and pineapples.


Finally we circle back to watches with a long read in The Guardian. It’s long because it takes a slightly circuitous route through the world of watches, stopping at some of the obvious landmarks and missing some key points along the way. If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that most of this potted history of the resurgence of the luxury watch won’t be news to you. But as always, there’s gold to be found in the comments section, if you’re brave enough.

The week in numbers

Pika pika!

20: Romaine Jerome Pokemon watches that will be made. Can you catch them all?

Could the Tudor Pelagos be the only watch you ever need?

5: Possible contenders for one watch duty, according to Andrew.


0: Tears shed watching Ben Cooper’s ‘Why I love my watch’ video. Honestly, it’s just hayfever.