FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 17th June, 2016 – the “literally” literal edition FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 17th June, 2016 – the “literally” literal edition

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: 17th June, 2016 – the “literally” literal edition

Andrew McUtchen

There’s a new saying around Time+Tide: “When Felix is away, the cats don’t play, the Wind Down, ah, doesn’t get written.” So, in the spirit of a lightning, mobile-device-friendly (read, short) recap of the week in watches, I bring you the week in watches, now in pictures. The key word this week, is “literally”.

What happened?

The team scattered to all corners of the globe with different missions. Felix, to fall even harder in lust for the Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time. And with only a couple of days notice, Ceri went to Pitti Uomo with Cartier (thank you for covering, Ceri). Meanwhile Andrew stayed in Melbourne to continue hollowing out our new volcano / criminal lair in Richmond. And Andy Green, what’s he up to? You have to read down for this. (It’s by far the best update, literally.)

Picture #1 – Where’s Felix?

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 5.04.08 PM

Felix literally went Overseas to Japan for the new Overseas. And it seemed to go very well, though to be honest he didn’t give too much away to me, or social media. The one obvious bit of news is that he’s potentially going to have some adjustments to make to his Grail List, the adjectives were certainly flying on Insta. The other important message I received is that “the hotel is very, very nice.”

Picture #2 – Where’s Ceri?

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 5.04.31 PM

Ceri went to Florence, Italy for Pitti Uomo (Florence, Italy), where she’s been shooting, directing and starring in a range of videos for your viewing pleasure. Ceri’s key fashion tip, aside from the dreadful news that high-waisted pants have not gone away, was to wear an Aperol Spritz on your wrist at all times. I suspect some good times were had by all, including Marcus our videographer and Chris, founder of Oscar Hunt. And the literal connection? It is literally a PITTI I couldn’t be there, but this new office isn’t going to fit itself out, which leads us to picture #3.

Picture #3 – Where’s Andrew?


Dealing with this scene at the new office. We have gone peak hipster and decided to convert an ex-motorbike showroom into Time+Tide. Stay tuned for the After pic.

Picture #4 – Which Time+Tide team member’s wrist is this?


In perhaps the most perfect, and literal, thing to happen this week in watches, our Community Engagement Officer Andy Green, bought a new watch. A Rolex watch. A Submariner in fact, with the reference 116610LV. If there’s a way to facepalm in a good way, I just discovered it. Andy Green is the proud owner of the greenest watch ever made. Feel free to send him felicitations and congratulations. And stay tuned for a full strength wind down next week, when Felix is back and the home fires – like a Triumph motorbike’s exhaust pipe – are burning.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!