Crazy love – Franck Muller’s Cintrée Curvex Crazy Hours in blue tones

Crazy love – Franck Muller’s Cintrée Curvex Crazy Hours in blue tones

Felix Scholz

Often we talk about emblematic or iconic models or shapes in a brand’s line-up, such as Franck Muller, with their distinctive Curvex line. Less often do we talk about a brand’s trademark complication, as it is much less likely that a brand has such a strong association or identity with a particular function, but again that’s something that Franck Muller can lay claim to, with their Crazy Hours. 

The Crazy Hours complication, the invention of the eponymous watchmaker, was born in 2003. It’s as ingenious as it is simple. The complication consists of a regular automatic movement with a jump hour module stacked on top. This cunning combination means that the hour hand jumps on the hour around the dial at seemingly random intervals — hence the ‘crazy’ hours. And while the hours don’t follow the traditional, incremental clockwise arc, the hand does follow a logical progression around the dial, as each sequential number is placed at a roughly 150-degree arc from its predecessor. The effect, though, is seemingly random. It’s a clever and fun take on traditional timekeeping, and a distinctively Franck Muller take on the passage of time. 

This limited edition ‘Blue Tones’ model is from a series of pastel colourways exclusive to Asia, with other options including vibrant purple or bright orange hues. This blue version, especially with the steel case, strikes a happy middle ground — colourful but not over the top. The case itself measures in at 32.1mm across, by 45.1mm tall, and 9.35mm thick. The bezel is set with a single row of substantial diamonds, weighing in at 2.81 carats. The dial is characteristically Franck Muller: the crazy hours are thickly painted, against a vibrant sun-stamped background. 

All told, this pastel take on one of Franck Muller’s greatest hits is perfect for summer.

Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex Crazy Hours Pastel Asia Exclusive price

Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex, Blue Tones (5850 CH II), in stainless steel, $31,900 AUD

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