EVENT: A Crazy few Hours with Franck Muller in Melbourne EVENT: A Crazy few Hours with Franck Muller in Melbourne

EVENT: A Crazy few Hours with Franck Muller in Melbourne

Nick Kenyon

The Franck Muller Vanguard Crazy Hours landed in Melbourne last week, and not only was I fortunate to take a closer look at it, but the kind people at Franck Muller invited me to celebrate it with them at a dining event with some of their important local clients. It was a great opportunity to view the new collection, as well as share a meal with a group of like-minded watch enthusiasts.

Franck Muller in Melbourne

There were some special people seated around the dining table, including Franck Muller’s global COO, Nicholas Rudaz, and Franck Muller’s General Manager of Australia, Mr Heng, both of whom enthusiastically shared their passion for mechanical watches and Franck Muller alike. Watches from the new collection were dotted around the room in display cases, as well as a number of pieces from other current collections that are available at boutiques, including the Happy Magpie from the Long Island collection, a charming rectangular watch with an immaculately hand-painted dial.

Franck Muller in Melbourne

Unsurprisingly, Nicholas Rudaz was carrying some serious horological heat, with a watch on each wrist. On one wrist, he wore a Franck Muller Crazy Hours, which he described as his “party watch” (and you can’t disagree with him on that), with a pave diamond case and rare dial configuration that shows all of the numerals out of order (as opposed to the more regular production pieces that have the numerals 1, 4, 7 and 10 in their correct positions, which offers some time-telling reference points to its wearer). On his other wrist was a stunningly complicated Franck Muller Vanguard Gravity, featuring an oversized 60-second tourbillon that lackadaisically rotated around the dial.

Franck Muller in Melbourne
Nicholas Rudaz showing me his “party watch”.
Franck Muller in Melbourne
The Franck Muller Vanguard Gravity

Adding to the heavyweight watches in the room was a Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton Sapphire, a watch you’re unlikely to see in a boutique, but a watch that makes a case for being one of the most visually interesting watches on the market. The case is milled from a single piece of sapphire crystal which takes months to machine and polish. Inside the case is an example of what Franck Muller does best – a watchmaking feast for the eyes, thanks to the skeletonised tourbillon movement.

Franck Muller in Melbourne

As well as the launch of the new Vanguard Crazy Hours collection, Mr Rudaz was also in Australia to deliver a very special watch to a very special client. Suffice to say we’re very jealous.

Franck Muller in Melbourne

It was a great night of both company and conversation, and an exciting new collection that celebrates the more sporty side of Franck Muller. Thank you very much to the Franck Muller team for the evening, and I wish Nicholas Rudaz the best for the rest of his journey in Australia.

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