Four watches that look great on their own, but are hard to pair with an outfit Four watches that look great on their own, but are hard to pair with an outfit

Four watches that look great on their own, but are hard to pair with an outfit

Borna Bošnjak

There are pretty watches that go with everything, and watches so ugly that they go with nothing. But, how about the watches that are pretty, yet present the nigh impossible challenge of pairing them with an outfit that matches their aesthetic? Inspired by my time with the first entrant on this list, I realised that I’ve not come across many watches of this sort, so here’s a selection of an already select few.

CIGA Design Blue Planet

hard to pair with

The Blue Planet indeed inspired this list, and for good reason. In isolation, it’s a fantastically funky and curiously quirky piece which wears very comfortably owing to its flying saucer shape and silicone strap. However, over the week or so that I ran errands with it around Melbourne, I always found it clashing with what I wore. It would regularly escape the underside of my coat sleeve due to the large dimensions, immediately gathering attention. A sporty, summer watch then, I hear you say. I’m afraid the legibility and 3 atm water resistance don’t help in that regard. A full review with my complete, gathered thoughts is just around the corner.

Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski Blue Ceramic

hard to pair with

Designed by a French sculptor known for his faceted, diamond-cut takes on animals, the Classic Fusion Orlinski applies that design language to its ceramic dial and case. The Classic Fusion is a handsome and striking watch, yet the combination of the Orlinski folded-and-unfolded paper design paired with the piercing blue of the ceramic require a very particular combination when pairing with an outfit.

Richard Mille RM38-02

hard to pair with

Yes, a pink Richard Mille. The golfer has been bugging Richard Mille for a pink watch since the beginning of their relationship, all explained in this cutesy little video. Say what you want about Richard Mille and their designs – the Bubba Watson’s Pink Watch is as cool as it is funky and technically impressive. RM-exclusive Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT make up the melted marshmallow melange that is the cushion case, housing a manually wound tourbillon movement capable of withstanding Bubba’s powerful strokes – that sounded dirtier than I thought it would. Nevertheless, the bubblegum colourway and odd shape make this one a tough cookie – Watson paired it with equally wildly patterned button-ups, which admittedly work better than an upturned cuff and navy jacket.

Konstantin Chaykin Joker

hard to pair with

We all know and love the watch that sparked the remainder of the Wristmons collection into life. The googly-looking eyes and large tongue, complete with the optional power-red tie and green ‘hawk strap, it can only be the Konstantin Chaykin Joker. As cool as it may be, I can’t imagine anyone but the supervillain himself strapping this one on, KC Joker cufflinks and all. Also available in purple, with a great getaway car and NFT to boot, should the Prince of Crime feel like an outfit change.