Five reasons to buy the new issue of NOW, the Time+Tide watch-buying guide Five reasons to buy the new issue of NOW, the Time+Tide watch-buying guide

Five reasons to buy the new issue of NOW, the Time+Tide watch-buying guide

Luke Benedictus

What time is it? Time to get a watch. That’s the reason we assemble Time+Tide’s NOW magazine, a watch-buying guide that curates the top watch releases of the last six months (207 of them to be precise).  In addition, you’ll also get a killer assortment of features that delve into what makes some of the most interesting people in the watch world tick. Here is a little sneak peak…

How seconde/seconde became the Banksy of the watch world

He’s hesitant to call himself an artist, claiming that he just vandalises other people’s watch dials because he failed at building his own. But the playfully subversive work of Romaric André, the man behind seconde/seconde/, is a welcome breath of fresh air in a watch world that often takes itself far too seriously.

About Effing Time – the watch podcast with a different agenda

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About Effing Time is a podcast hosted by Time+Tide founder Andrew McUtchen, George Bamford, founder of Bamford Watch Department, and Adrian Barker, the director of Bark & Jack. On one level it consists of the three exchanging horological insights and insults that are deepened by their insider status in the watch game. But in an environment where so much watch media is comparatively strait-laced, the show feels like a refreshing antidote to the status quo. Here, the three amigos explain all.

Inside the mind of a cliff diver

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“When you enter the water at that velocity, the impact is severe,” say s Eric Brooker, an elite-level diving coach. “It’s like hitting a bus if you don’t get it right.” What Brooker is talking about are the physical demands of cliff diving, the death-defying pursuit considered to be the world’s oldest extreme sport. In the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series – sponsored by Mido – over a succession of four dives, male cliff divers must propel themselves from a 27m height. But success depends on first learning to master your fear.

The 5 biggest issues in the watch world right now

From the rise of watch-related street robberies to the return of the watch fair with an unexpected vengeance, we explore the biggest issues  causing waves in the industry after a roller-coaster year.

The watch buying guide

new issue of NOW

Upgrade your watch box with some picks from this comprehensive roundup of the year’s best timepieces from all the brands you know and love.

NOW Magazine – The Watch Buying Guide – Issue 6 is available now for A$19.95. Order your copy here