Five of the best everyday watches of the last year (under $5k) Five of the best everyday watches of the last year (under $5k)

Five of the best everyday watches of the last year (under $5k)

Fergus Nash

Some watches are dress watches, and some are for sporty activities, but really, most of the time you want something that you can wear any day regardless of what hyper-specific niche your watch plays to. Although these watches all have a distinct and lively personality, here are five of the best everyday watches of 2021 under $5000.

1. Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

Five of the best everyday watches

The 80’s renaissance is well and truly here, with the PRX filling watch enthusiasts’ heads with neon colours, synth music, and Japanese cars burning rubber. Although the PRX is based on a Tissot from 1978, itself riffing on another waffle-dialled watch of the ‘70s, it perfectly captures the vibe of integrated bracelet watches which reached their peak in the ‘80s, and does so with excellent value considering the quality and that 80-hour movement. Read more…
Price: $,1050 AUD

2. TAG Heuer Carrera 3 Hand Collection

Five of the best everyday watches

TAG Heuer’s Carrera range has always been among their classiest offerings, and the new selection of 3 Hand watches is their own personal celebration of clinical legibility, while retaining the brand’s sporty character. The sleek and under-the-radar range spans a variety of options, including a GMT with a fourth hand, and can truly cater to any potential customer with sizes between 29mm and 41mm, and date-only or day-date complications. Read more…
From $3950 AUD

3. Tudor Black Bay Time Only

Five of the best everyday watches

The everyday watch. We all search for it. The ultimate watch with unparalleled versatility. Meet the one possible solution. Available in three size options and with a dial that should work perfectly with any strap, the watch makes a strong case for being at home in any environment. And should that environment be a Vegas swimming pool at 2am, it has 150m of water resistance to boot.
Price: $4430 AUD

4. Longines Spirit Titanium

Five of the best everyday watches

Already boasting superlative functional specifications, Longines has expanded the Spirit collection with two new watches made of titanium. With its lower density and darker look, this material is perfect for a daily-wearing sports watch. Furthermore, the brand has removed the date window, thus creating a beautifully symmetrical design that anyone can appreciate. Want more options? The watch can come on a woven nylon strap or a full titanium bracelet. Read more…
Price: $4000 on NATO or $4475 on bracelet

5. Seiko SPB239J

Five of the best everyday watches

The craze for the Seiko 62MAS style shows no signs of slowing down, and this particular reference is sure to be a crowd pleaser, lathered with tasteful faux-ageing. The SPB239 takes a refreshing approach to the black-and-gold colour scheme which dominates the world of vintage dive watches by incorporating a subtle two-tone look, and it appears much more utilitarian rather than blingy. The SPB239 carries a lot of character for a very versatile watch. Read more…
Price $1895AUD