A Beginner’s Guide to the best smartwatches for Kids in 2020 – 5 of the most popular and why A Beginner’s Guide to the best smartwatches for Kids in 2020 – 5 of the most popular and why

A Beginner’s Guide to the best smartwatches for Kids in 2020 – 5 of the most popular and why

Zach Blass

There are three reasons to gift your child a smartwatch. One, it is a great way to introduce your kid(s) to the horological world and get them going early on their love for a timekeeper on the wrist. The second reason is timing; the holidays are almost here. The third reason is, having done some research this week, they’re actually very handy for lots of reasons, from safety to communication to the ways that they can encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Since the birth of the category, which the Swiss have no doubt dreaded in its world domination, smartwatches have become a fan favourite among wrists of all ages and sizes due to their extensive capabilities, ease of use, and capacity to accessorise. Just in case you were pondering if now was the time to gift a smartwatch to a child in your life, we have assembled a list of five popular choices for  smartwatches for kids in 2020.

favorite SmartWatches for Kids 2020
Image: Garmin

321OU Smart Watch

favorite SmartWatches for Kids 2020

The 321OU Smart Watch is an attractive enough entry watch into the smartwatch category. It is quite clear the watch takes inspiration in its form from the Apple Watch, the highest selling watch worldwide, and yet is effectively a tenth of the price. It also has more universal appeal in that is compatible with both iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.4+ phones, which means it will work with the latest phones or phones that may have been recycled for your/a child’s use. The watch boasts many of the same features of the aforementioned Apple Watch, with three timekeeping dial layouts, phone and messaging communication capability via a connected bluetooth phone or over cellular as well with a plan from a mobile provider, fitness and sleep monitoring, and music playback remote. It also has something the Apple Watch does not – a camera beneath the dial.  Price: $27.97 USD – available here

Disney Smart Watch (Model: MK4089AZ)

favorite SmartWatches for Kids 2020

Looking for something more playful and fun in aesthetic? Then maybe Mickey Mouse is your best bet. This official Mickey Mouse smartwatch from Disney packs in a selfie-cam, voice recorder, 3x games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator. The watch may not have the communication features of the 321OU, but it provides less distraction so long as they can resist playing one of the three included games in the watch’s software. They may not be ideal for class, but for the car when some peace is needed in the backseat they may just be your best friend. Price: $29.99 USD – available here

Garmin vivofit jr. 2 Star Wars

favorite SmartWatches for Kids 2020

Join the Rebel Alliance, or even the Dark Side, with the Garmin Vívofit jr. The Smart Watch is also available in other configurations in collaboration with other Disney properties, such as Spiderman, so there are an abundance of aesthetics and characters for kids to connect with. The Vivofit jr. boils it down to the essentials, with a focus on quality vs quantity in its complications. Its fitness tracker includes an interactive app experience that motivates kids to achieve activity goals that unlock adventures, games and icons featuring Rey, Kylo Ren and other Star Wars characters.

favorite SmartWatches for Kids

It also monitors steps, sleep activity, and encourages 60 minutes of daily recommended activity. There are also productivity features, with reminder alerts and task timers that keep kids on top of chores such as homework, practice time and brushing teeth. Parents can even access chore management and reward tools on the parent-controlled app. One extremely convenient feature is its replaceable one year battery, so no cords or hassle of recharging the watch daily. Price: $49.99 USD – available here

Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch

favorite SmartWatches for Kids 2020

Is you child getting a bit too old for Disney? At least on the wrist. The Amazafit Bip Smartwatch is a no frills smartwatch that means business. You might be thinking, what about the first watch on this list in the 321OU? Here, the technology is heightened in the Amazafit Bip Smartwatch. It can last an extensive 45 days on a full charge or up to 30 days with a 2.5 hours charging session. This makes it very unlikely your watch will ever fall to sleep before the wearer. It also includes a GPS that better aids in the calculation of fitness related metrics.

Other features include, an optical heart rate monitor that allows you to accurately track in real-time your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and quality of sleep. Multisport Tracking including Outdoor running, Indoor running, Outdoor cycling, and Walking. From a communication standpoint the wearer can receive messages and notifications from their devices. This includes notifications from incoming phone calls, SMS messages, emails, and other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn among others – all right on its color touch display.

Price: $120 USD – available here

Apple Watch SE (or even Series 3)

favorite SmartWatches for Kids 2020

The least affordable watch on this list, but possibly the most desired, the Apple Watch has established itself as the benchmark of Smart Watch technology. It is not necessarily the first option for kids by any stretch, but for those who have an iPhone it is safe to infer that it’s the first that comes to mind. It is seamlessly in tune and integrated with iPhone capabilities, including messaging, music, and fitness monitoring. Fortunately for parents, the Apple Watch SE includes extensive parent monitoring capabilities that border on the line of Big Brother surveillance.

That being said, it can keep a parent’s mind at ease to at least have the ability to be so connected digitally with their children upon a need to leverage such technology. Probably the most popular tool a parent would find themselves engaging are its School Mode protocols. This allows parents to limit the capabilities of the device during school hours, and ensure that all their children(s) focus is on their teachers and not their extension of their cell phone. Price: Starting at $279 USD for the SE, and $199 USD for the Series 3