Fantasy Watch Ambassador: Wild and Free Jason Momoa with the adventurous Panerai Fantasy Watch Ambassador: Wild and Free Jason Momoa with the adventurous Panerai

Fantasy Watch Ambassador: Wild and Free Jason Momoa with the adventurous Panerai

Ricardo Sime

Editor’s Note: When Nicolas Cage recently gushed over his Grand Seiko on the red carpet, many of you in the comments noted how he should become an ambassador for the brand – and we agreed it would definitely be a fun pairing. This then got us thinking what other ambassador match-ups we would want to see. So, we decided to pick our fantasy watch ambassadors. The only rule: the nominee cannot already be an ambassador for a watch brand. Next up is Jason Momoa x Panerai.

Jason Momoa at “Dune” UK Special Screening

Jason Momoa is an internationally known Hawaiian actor who got his first role on Baywatch Hawaii. However, the role that really garnered him the most attention in his early career was that of Khal Drogo on the critically acclaimed series, Game of Thrones. Since then, he has starred in multiple movies and currently plays Aquaman in the DC cinematic universe.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

If you’ve been following Jason Momoa’s career, you’ll notice that he doesn’t act or look like your prototypical actor. While many actors tend to keep things close to their chest (almost reserved to a fault), Jason is known for his laid-back demeanor. He’s the guy taking funny faced selfies on the red carpet. He’s also the guy whose long hair tends to look purposefully unkept. If I had to sum him up, think kid in a candy store who is just happy to be there.

It’s this attitude, as well as his Hawaiian roots, that made a pairing with Panerai immediately click in my mind. I thought back to the amazing space the brand had at Watches & Wonders with its underwater motif. Him, in that space, representing the brand and introducing the new Submersible line of watches would have just worked. It also wouldn’t hurt to have Aquaman reppin’ your dive watches.


There’s also another reason why I think Jason Momoa would be a great ambassador for Panerai. The brand, whose watches are sometimes labelled as hyper masculine, would benefit from someone who doesn’t fit that mold. Jason, often seen wearing the colour pink, has a more laid-back approach to his masculinity. In an article for InStyle magazine, he once said “Pink is just a beautiful colour. And I’m pretty secure in my masculinity. I don’t really give a shit what anyone thinks.”

Radiomir Bronzo PAM760

As for an initial pairing to celebrate this fantasy match up, the Radiomir Bronzo PAM760 comes to mind. Its 47mm size shouldn’t be a problem for the 6 ft 4 inches tall Momoa. Add to that an Aquaman-friendly green and bronze colour mixture and this would wear perfectly at the premiere of Aquaman 2.

P.S. If anyone from Panerai happens to be reading this, I highly suggest you make a move. Jason has been wearing a ton of Cartier lately. You don’t want to lose out on him to the French.