You voted on Ellen DeGeneres and Trevor Noah’s watches, and the winner is…. You voted on Ellen DeGeneres and Trevor Noah’s watches, and the winner is….

You voted on Ellen DeGeneres and Trevor Noah’s watches, and the winner is….

Andrew McUtchen

The obvious disclaimer in Celebrity Watch Death Match is that we usually choose a small slice of each celebrity’s collection to put in the ring for the matchups. The fights are as close to pound for pound as we can manage. The celebrity’s broader collection may win the war for them, but – as we have seen this week with Ellen DeGeneres vs Trevor Noah – they can lose the battle.

Ellen DeGeneres, owner of one of Hollywood’s best decorated wrists, and a true collector in every sense of the word, has lost to Trevor Noah in a fairly fought, and evenly matched Celebrity Watch Death Match. The score was 3 Trevor, 0 Ellen. Number of votes counted, in excess of 6000, our biggest turnout yet. 

This was a fight unlike any other so far, with not just the calibre of each timepiece on a par, but a nice and straight Rolex vs Rolex, Audemars Piguet vs Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe vs Patek Philippe card. This is how it played out.

Daily Beater

Ellen DeGeneres – Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116718LN vs Trevor Noah – Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126715CHNR

Despite the obvious Aussie-themed green and gold peacockery of the 116718LN, it’s also a historically important GMT-Master II. As James pointed out, released at Baselworld in 2005, Ref. 116718LN with “anniversary” green dial was the first sports Rolex to utilise the new “maxi” or “super” oyster case. It was also the first to use a Cerachrom (ceramic) bezel and the first GMT ever to use the larger “maxi” dial. Still, technically it’s old vs new, it’s yellow vs Everose. Whatever the case, you had a thirst for root beer.

Weekend Warrior 

Ellen DeGeneres – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Dual Time Ref.26120ST.OO.1220ST.03 vs Trevor Noah – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Ref.26579CB.OO.1225CB.01

In a similar result, Trevor prevails again with that super, super fresh white ceramic perpetual calendar. Both models are complicated, which is fair, but only one is a rocket scientist astronomer in perfectly fitted white linen suit. Perhaps, in hindsight, this fight wasn’t weighted quite right.

Deathblow, the ultimate flex piece:

Ellen DeGeneres – Patek Philippe 5204/1R vs Trevor Noah – Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time Ref. 5650G Advanced Research

The tightest contest of the three, and two very different characters to choose from here. The win was for sports, technically, but perhaps with a dash of science, technology and mystery – a coup for the rebellious Patek Philippe wearers the world over.