EDITOR’S PICK: Money burning a hole in your pocket? Team T+T pick 5 perfect impulse buys EDITOR’S PICK: Money burning a hole in your pocket? Team T+T pick 5 perfect impulse buys

EDITOR’S PICK: Money burning a hole in your pocket? Team T+T pick 5 perfect impulse buys

Cameron Wong

Editor’s note: Numbers are hard, I much prefer words. If you’re like me, then you’ve been a little slow when it comes to filing your tax return. I’m sure that most of you, however, are a little more responsible when it comes to your accounting. And that sweet, sweet cash is already on its way to your bank account. Maybe it’s already there, or maybe you just happen to have a few extra dollars sitting around, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself. Well, a few months ago, Felix asked each of us in the Time+Tide office just what we’d spend our extra dough on. Here are our picks …

Here in Australia the financial year ends tomorrow, which means that some of us — if we’re lucky/fiscally savvy — can expect a windfall of funds, care of the Australian Taxation Office. Now, if we were really responsible we’d be using that cash to pay down debt and knock off some of those big expenses, but that’s no fun.

So earlier this week I set a challenge for the team. Assume you’re getting a return (and because I don’t know too much about my co-workers’ finances, I put an arbitrary cap of $3-4k), pick one watch you could and would buy right now, without the need for waiting for it to be released, wait on a wait list, or hem and haw about it. We’re talking money in and out of bank account in less than 24 hours. Responsible? Maybe not. Fun? Yes.

Andy’s pick — the Nomos Club neomatik

I’ve always had a real soft spot for Nomos, their quirky yet serious quality, and definitely the way they do things their own way. For an impulse buy, I reckon you can’t go wrong with this colourful new member of their Aqua family. Super fun dial, 200m rating and their awesome neomatik movement. What’s not to like? A bit spendy though. $4380

Andrew’s pick — the Bamford Mayfair

Yes, I know it’s quartz, but this is as close to a fashion watch as I’d ever thrown down for and, you know what, maybe my tax return is smaller than yours. The ‘Bamford Factor’ is as real as the X Factor and there are loads of little details I can get behind here — the contrast stitches on the strap, the expanded case that swells around the crown, the Batman-esque colour scheme. Fun. 354 GBP

Cam’s pick — the Doxa Sub 1200T Caribbean

This is one I’ve had my eyes on for a couple of years now. Apart from the newer Doxa SUB 300 50th Anniversary heritage releases, it’s one of the most faithful modern reinterpretations of a vintage SUB300T. While I’m sure most would prefer the dial in a vibrant Doxa orange, I just can’t help but love the stark white markers set against the ocean blue. $1890 USD

Daniel’s pick — the Omega Baby Ploprof


I’d pick a vintage Omega from the 1970s; something fun, with an interesting case shape or dial colour (or both!). The Bullhead would be ideal, but they’re a bit expensive these days, but this ‘Baby Ploprof’ Seamaster 120 is a solid alternative. I’m enjoying diving into vintage at the moment and this seems like a nice place to spend some time. $4252

Felix’s pick — the Sinn U1

You know what, I think I really shot myself in the foot with this challenge. I’m not an impulse guy when it comes to watch purchases, and the few viable contenders on my short list aren’t slated to be released for a few months yet. So I had to dig into my long list of wants, and I came up with a watch that I’ve always loved but never committed to. The incredible, rock solid and ultra cool Sinn U1. It’s not a new watch by any means but it’s still one of the best deep divers out there. $2650