DOXA dives back into their 80s catalogue with the updated 600T collection DOXA dives back into their 80s catalogue with the updated 600T collection

DOXA dives back into their 80s catalogue with the updated 600T collection

Henry Zwartz

Imagine you’re heading out for a swim or a surf… the sun’s beating down and you have the day to yourself. You glance down to grab the time off your trusty (and waterproof) brightly-coloured watch…

When we discuss a brand like DOXA, it’s those fun colours and designs that bring to mind scenes like that. Those bold designs were neatly exemplified by the recent Time+Tide x DOXA SUB 600T ‘pacific’ Limited Edition – a joyous oceanic blue with orange accents that hinted at the iconic colour associated with the SUB 300 line and the legendary diver, explorer and documentary maker Jacques Cousteau, who was such a fan of the brand.

Unlike the SUB 300 line, the DOXA SUB 600T’s inspiration comes from the 1980s, when DOXA began a personality transformation, care of angles, bevels and edges. Inspired by that decade’s rethink after the company was purchased by the Aubry Frères Company, the SUB 600T comes with as many sharp angles as a scene from the 1982 film classic Tron.

Now, DOXA is doing what many hoped would come next, after our pacific, by releasing steel non-limited edition versions of the SUB 600T, to further democratise the blocky ’80s aesthetic and case design.

The new Sub 600T models come in DOXA’s six traditional colour schemes… familiar to anyone who has experienced the brand: Sharkhunter, Searambler, Caribbean, Professional, Diving Star and Aquamarine.

In total, each of the six DOXA 600Ts colourways come in four variants. You can choose between a steel or ceramic bezel and either a dial-matching rubber strap or steel bracelet. The rubber straps are made of Fluoroelastomer (FKM), a superior form of man-made rubber that’s super-tough but gorgeously supple and is often used in aerospace and nautical industries. The bracelets are made from 316 stainless steel that’s often called “marine-grade stainless steel” due to its durability.

The various bezel and strap configurations make for a total of 24 separate options now added to the DOXA stable. The ceramic bezel is the same as that used on the limited-edition version, while the steel case construction adds extra heft compared with the titanium version found on the DOXA pacific.

Only the navy ceramic bezel on the Caribbean and black bezel on the Sharkhunter match the dial. All other ceramic bezels are black regardless of the dial colour. The markings and numbers on the ceramic bezel match the dial colour along with the DOXA logo on the crown.

Both bezel options also feature DOXA’s famous decompression style readings, while also offering a traditional zero to sixty counter. Inside these watches is the tried and trusty Sellita SW-200-1 – an ETA 2824 clone with hacking seconds and date complication.

While these movements only offer around 40 hours of power reserve – less than Swatch group competitors – they do offer affordable and easy servicing. Unlike the pacific version, each of these new SUB 600T’s also comes with a date window at 3 o’clock.

The dimensions offer a height of just over 14mm and strap-friendly 20mm lug-widths. The lug to lug is a very wearable 47.6mm and the case size is 40mm

The watch, like our pacific, comes with a depth-rating of 600 metres. More than any of us would ever use, but a measure that speaks to the over-engineered quality of these watches.

My personal favourite is the classic tones of the Sharkhunter with the ceramic bezel. I have always been a sucker for black dive watches. But the great thing is there’s a colour here for every mood.

Pricing and availability of the DOXA 600T collection:

All 24 variants of the DOXA 600T collection are available now to purchase here.

Models with stainless steel bezel insert:
Stainless-steel bracelet: AUD $2,195, CHF 1,390
Rubber strap: AUD $2,145, CHF 1,350

Models with ceramic bezel insert:
Stainless steel bracelet: AUD $2395, CHF 1,490
Rubber strap: AUD $2,245, CHF 1,450