PSA: Dear celebs, please stop wearing your watches upside down PSA: Dear celebs, please stop wearing your watches upside down

PSA: Dear celebs, please stop wearing your watches upside down

Zach Blass

Two is a coincidence, three, however, is a trend – at least so they say. To call this a raging epidemic about which you should write to your local government or the FHH in anger would be ridiculous, but after three recent cases of this horological faux pas have come to light, I would like to make a public service announcement to all celebrities. PLEASE STOP WEARING YOUR WATCHES UPSIDE DOWN.


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This subject came to the forefront this week when we caught, for lack of better phrasing, social media personality and boxer (I guess) Jake Paul wearing his Rolex Oyster Perpetual Turquoise 41mm, a.k.a Tiffany OP, upside down during his press conference surrounding the July 20 fight with boxing legend Mike Tyson on Netflix. Fellow watch spotter Nick Gould messaged me after our post, noting that he was wearing the watch the right way round. After a closer look, we both recognised he was in fact wearing the watch upside down, and at some point during the press conference realised and fixed its orientation on his wrist in later photographs.

sebastian stan met gala cartier crash upside down

Last week, a similar horological d’oh moment was captured during the 2024 Met Gala. Actor Sebastian Stan was styled and outfitted with a Cartier Crash for the evening, but he wore it upside down. This is especially hilarious as, within the context of the Met Gala, every inch of attendees’ wardrobes are curated, tailored, and strategised. I highly doubt the orientation of the watch was an intentional commentary on the state of the world or some other symbolic gesture. In good faith, the Crash does not have a typical case shape – perhaps creating confusion for Stan. But it’s also not rocket science. The fact is, with a whole team of stylists and managers, nobody stopped to say: “Hey bud, your watch is upside down?”

Idris Elba upside down rolex gmt master ii

For the third instance marking a trend, and not long before the above two, Idris Elba had his Rolex GMT-Master II Sprite on upside down while presumably posing on a red carpet last month. This could be chalked up to the disorienting destro nature of a lefty watch with the crown on the opposite side. The crown of any typically oriented watch should face your hand while worn on your left wrist. So, that could possibly be why. Nevertheless, if you know you are going to be photographed by paparazzi, maybe take a second look that your watch and wardrobe are all spick and span.

I’m not really declaring an epidemic or trend here. We’re just having a bit of fun, but while not super common this upside down uh-oh does happen more than you think. And considering how often brands enlist celebrities to wear their watches, it would clearly behoove watch brands to ensure those they enlist know a little bit about the watch they are wearing, and how to properly do just that.