The full metal Casio GMW-B5000D-2DR & GM-B2100AD-2ADR make the case for elevated G-SHOCK watches

The full metal Casio GMW-B5000D-2DR & GM-B2100AD-2ADR make the case for elevated G-SHOCK watches

Jamie Weiss

In 1977, only three years after releasing their first ever watch, the Casiotron, Japanese consumer electronics giant Casio released the F100, one of the first-ever resin watches. Made famous thanks to its appearance on the wrist of Sigourney Weaver in Alien, the F100 was a quietly revolutionary watch: not only does it look sci-fi, even to modern eyes, but its lightweight resin case was both exceptionally comfortable to wear as well as lent itself well to mass production.


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Of course, the original G-SHOCK, the DW-5000 series, was first crafted out of resin, too. But did you know that Casio makes a select few premium G-SHOCK models from stainless steel in their Full Metal series – and that we stock them at the Time+Tide Shop?

GMW B5000D 2 03

The first new arrival in the Time+Tide Shop is the GMW-B5000D-2DR, a fully steel take on the DW-5000 with eye-catching blue highlights (there’s a Zoolander “Blue Steel” joke in there somewhere). This elevated take on the OG G-SHOCK features an eye-catching dark blue rim that frames its classic brick-effect dial surround.

GM B2100AD 2A side

Alongside this boxy steel G-SHOCK, we have the GM-B2100AD-2ADR: an octagonal ana-digi full steel model. That’s right, it’s a steel version of the GA-2100, better known as the “CasiOak”. This watch goes even further with its use of blue, featuring blue PVD steel sunburst dial with untreated steel hands and indices.

Casio G SHOCK GMW B5000D 2DR case forging
The forging process of the GMW-B5000D-2DR’s case elements. Note the three-pronged design of its lugs – this is to help dissipate shocks.

Both watches have forged steel bezels and cases, with fine resin buffering components sandwiched between the two for shock resistance. Casio haven’t simply made all the resin parts of these watches steel: great thought has been applied to making sure they remain as shock-resistant as their resin siblings. Full steel bracelets with deployant clasps can be found on both these Full Metal models – a cute touch is that they’ve recreated the same mould dimples of the resin bracelets.

GM B2100AD 2A 05
The GMW-B5000D-2DR’s bracelet (the GMW-B5000D-2DR features a similar number).

Being G-SHOCK watches, they both boast a spectacular number of features: 1/100-second stopwatches and countdown timers; 5 alarms including snooze alarms; full-auto LED backlights; world time functions with automatic daylight savings time switching; full auto-calendars to the year 2099; Bluetooth and radio timekeeping; solar recharging; smartphone connectivity and 200 metres of water resistance. Phew!

Casio G SHOCK GMW B5000D 2DR & GM B2100AD 2ADR blue

One point that is worth addressing is their price tags: both the GMW-B5000D-2DR and GM-B2100AD-2ADR sell for over A$1,000. For some people, that’s a lot of money for a Casio: this is a brand we expect to be ultra-affordable. However, we’d argue that they still represent fantastic value – not only are they tough as nails and ultra-capable, but they exhibit a level of finishing you’d expect from brands well beyond their price points.

Discover the Casio G-SHOCK GMW-B5000D-2DR & GM-B2100AD-2ADR at the Time+Tide Shop, either online or at the Time+Tide Discovery Studio at 1/178 Collins St, Melbourne. Price: A$1,199 (GMW-B5000D-2DR), A$1,149 (GM-B2100AD-2ADR).