Call of Duty need to add these watches to their next game Call of Duty need to add these watches to their next game

Call of Duty need to add these watches to their next game

Nick Kenyon

The new Call of Duty trailer was dropped last week, and it featured an interesting horological detail that was noticed by one eagle-eyed Reddit user. As discussed in an article by Kotaku, the time displayed on the wrists of the game characters will read the local time of the person playing, adding a very cool in-game detail. While here at Time+Tide we are less concerned with the “grave ludonarrative consequences” (yes, I had to look up what ludonarrative meant) and more interested in how this could add another way for players to customise their characters. So while we don’t anticipate that this will be infinitely customisable to allow players to be able to rock a Ref. A/6538 Rolex MilSub, we thought we would still add our suggestions for Call of Duty watches that would rise to the occasion.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000V

Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000V - call of duty watches
Rugged AF.

In a war zone, robustness is required. If something isn’t literally bulletproof, it had better be as good as, and that is what this full metal G-Shock offers. It’ll survive falling off a roof, as well as any underwater diving you need to do, and will do it all for about a decade without complaint. In addition, thanks to its black aged IP treatment, it won’t look any different if you bang it up a little.

Breitling Emergency II Night Mission

Breitling Emergency II Night Mission - Call of Duty watches
Featuring a radio signal emitter for any sticky spots you find yourself in.

If you die in a battle, you aren’t much use. That’s why the Breitling Emergency II Night Mission (one of the only watches in the world that is confirmed to have saved lives), is worth strapping to your wrist before the bullets start flying. Not only does it have the highly functional combination of both analogue and digital displays, it has an in-build radio signal transmitter that can get a rescue team to you before you’re dead. And useless.

Omega Speedmaster X-33

Omega Speedmaster X-33
The Omega Speedmaster X-33 owned by Ron Garan Jr, a former NASA astronaut.

This watch was designed by one of the architects of the American space program, and is single-mindedly built to be as functional as possible. One of the first watches with a hybrid analogue/digital display, the X-33 was built for space travel, making it more than capable of overcoming any terrestrial challenges.