Dimepiece on Cartier Cookies, Lily Allen & the most subtle watch flex ever Dimepiece on Cartier Cookies, Lily Allen & the most subtle watch flex ever

Dimepiece on Cartier Cookies, Lily Allen & the most subtle watch flex ever


Editor’s note: This week the Wall St Journal ran a story on The 8 Women Changing the Watch World. Not surprisingly, making their hit-list was Brynn Wallner, the mastermind behind the wonderful Dimepiece, an Instagram account and website that explores the world of women and watches in a way that’s fresh, irreverent and a whole lot of fun.

Photo: Jared Sherbert / Wall St Journal

Hi, my name is Brynn and I’m a watch-aholic. (Hiii Brynn). No, but hi, I’m Brynn and I’m the founder of Dimepiece, a website and Instagram account dedicated to all things women and watches. You may know me already from the internet, or you may know me from a previous Time + Tide piece. And if you’ve never heard of me at all? That’s cool too. But for a bit of context, I started Dimepiece in the cursed summer of 2020. Like a lot of others, I lost my job at the start of the pandemic and had a lot of time to… think. And what I was thinking about was this: why aren’t women more prominently represented in the watch world?

But let’s rewind a bit: My aforementioned job (R.I.P) was content producer for the Sotheby’s editorial team. As a part of this job, I was tapped by the Watches Department to create stories highlighting the big-time timepieces available in their Geneva, Hong Kong and New York auctions. I didn’t know anything about watches when I said yes to this opportunity, but this is a big learning lesson here, kids. Say yes to new things! Even if you don’t know sh*t, you might learn something. So here I was, editing commissioned watch articles, fact-checking, sourcing imagery, doing my own research. I was immediately hooked. Like, WTF? How come I have never cared about watches before? How have I been missing out on this incredibly lush, exciting world?? And another question: where are the women??? Sure, you’d see photos of Jackie Kennedy and her Tank or Ellen Degenderes and her Pateks… but other than that? You really had to dig.

Back to the cursed summer of 2020… I was thinking… I was thinking: why isn’t there a centralised resource for women interested in watches? Where was the community? Where was the inspiration? There are, of course, many ladies in the watch industry – illustrious collectors and writers and influencers and CEOs – some of whom I’ve been lucky to meet since the onset of this project; but I’m talking about one comprehensive place where women can go to be inspired and educated. Hence the start of Dimepiece. It started as an Instagram account with a really simple format: post a photo of a celeb with a watch, swipe to see a photo of the watch she’s wearing. It was a slow-burn at first… but I started obsessively looking out for watches on women in reruns of my favorite shows, movies, 90s nostalgia accounts, you name it. I was posting regularly, feeding the algorithm – and before I knew it I was getting followed by Cara Barrett, Zoe Abelson, HODINKEE, Time + Tide… Real watch people. There was so much momentum with the account that I then launched the website ( this past March. And here I am now, continuing my watch journey. I actually just bought my first-ever luxury timepiece (more on that soon) and I’m excited to announce the start of this monthly column with Time + Tide recapping what’s been going on in the world of Dimepiece. That will start properly very soon so, for now, I’ll just leave with a quick peek through the window.

I was unboxing these INCREDIBLE Cartier cookies baked by the oh, so talented Lindsey Gazel (can you tell I love Cartier?). She even made the word DIMEPIECE into cookies and I was foaming-at-the-mouth excited. My watch-sis JJ Owens subsequently commissioned Lindsey to bake her some Royal Oak cookies, and I mean… do you die?

Emily Weiss, CEO of Glossier, dropped an Instagram video of her new kitten, Khaleesi. To normal people, this is all they’d see: a cute kitten. But if you’re reading this, you know that we watch people are not normal, and in my eyes, this Instagram post is not about the cat at all – it’s THE MOST LOW-KEY WATCH FLEX I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. In the video, Weiss is wearing a Cartier Crash. A CARTIER CRASH!!!! I actually fell out of my chair when I saw this, in sheer disbelief at the subtlety of this flex. Where did she get it? When? Did she buy it at auction? Did Kanye West gift her? Don’t worry, I’m on the case.

Finally, here’s a pic of  Lily Allen smoking a cig on stage in bunny ears and an Oyster Datejust. Just because,  frankly, when won’t that brighten up your day.