Watches fit for a groom – the best wedding watches of 2020 inc. L.U.Chopard, Longines and Rado Watches fit for a groom – the best wedding watches of 2020 inc. L.U.Chopard, Longines and Rado

Watches fit for a groom – the best wedding watches of 2020 inc. L.U.Chopard, Longines and Rado


When it comes to big days, they don’t come much more memorable or special than your wedding day, especially now, when it seems like every wedding has its own hashtag or custom location check-in. So it’s only natural that you’d want to ensure every inch – from top to wrist – is looking its finest. When we think of well-suited weddings, we think Mr Carl Navè, a Melbourne-based tailor who sees plenty of grooms at his Bourke Street showroom. We sat down with Mr Navè to get the lowdown on where men’s matrimonial style is at right now.

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Time+Tide: Are people even getting married these days?

Carl Nave: Yes, they are! Weddings are huge. Traditionally, in Melbourne and Sydney, wedding season used to be a season in the second half of the year, whereas now, it’s non-stop. It’s great. Weddings are exciting. Weddings are fun. Fifty per cent of my business is weddings. And, of course, they’re looking better than ever, and more people than ever are seeing them. You look at the level of beautiful photography that exists now. It’s not a wedding day, it’s a wedding shoot.

T+T: And how does this translate to the groom, and what he wears?

CN: Well, on a scale of one to 10, we’ve gone from about a five out of 10 for my care factor for the entire day, to an 11 out of 10. Guys are now thinking about every single detail, from their shoes to their socks, to making sure that the groomsmen all tie in, the father of the bride, the father of the groom, all of that. And, of course, timepieces. The attention to detail is next-level.

T+T: What style of clothing are grooms wearing on the actual day?

CN: The groom has to be the best-dressed guy in the room. A guy who wears a suit five days a week is not going to wear a three-piece navy blue suit because that’s what he wears every day of the week. He either levels up and goes black tie or goes the other end of the spectrum: shorts and a linen shirt in Bali – that sort of thing. My mantra has always been that you know where the bride is all the time. But the groom, especially in a tux, can look like he’s among a pack of penguins when the groomsmen dress a similar way. How does he stand out? That’s when you might bring in a beautiful, velvet jacket. Try deep green, or burgundy, or navy, or even an off-white jacket. There are lots of ways for men to play with texture, colour and fabric to help them get noticed in a good way.

T+T: Are there any trends or styles that grooms should be avoiding?

CN: Well, I would say that you should be aiming for timeless elegance at your wedding. You want to look back at the photos in 20 or 30 years and not look like a fashion victim. So my three things to avoid would have to be: don’t go too wide on the lapels, don’t go too tight on the trousers, and avoid cobalt blue – it’s been done to death.

T+T: What place does the watch have in a modern wedding?

CN: A lot of guys buy a watch for their wedding because they want to mark the occasion. Some of them have been gifted a watch in lieu of an engagement ring; this is increasingly popular. Watches and weddings make sense, it gives significance to the day. A lot of men don’t wear jewellery, so watches fill that role. Some guys will wear a family watch. I’ve got some clients – three brothers – and they all wore their grandfather’s watch for their weddings. No one actually got to keep it, but they each wore it – their grandmother gave it to them and said, “Wear this.”

Three watches for three grooms


Carl says: Black-tie wedding – the most elegant of weddings. Bear in mind your guests will also be in dinner suits, so this is an opportunity to elevate your attire even more. Consider a white dinner jacket, or something else that makes a bold statement.

Our pick: For a formal wedding, err on the side of dressy, which means slender and free of any complication. Precious metals are a plus. This Chopard L.U.C XPS Twist QF manages all this, and in style.

best wedding watches


Carl says: If your dress code is formal, make sure you’re the best-dressed man in the room. Opt for a three-piece suit or even bring in elements of a tuxedo. Keep it dark and classy: black and French Navy are my picks.

Our pick: For us, this is the sweet spot, and you could go a lot of ways. But there’s something to be said for the old-world elegance of this Longines 1832 Moonphase.

best wedding watches


Carl says: Being relaxed does not necessarily mean looking underdressed. For a more casual wedding you can adopt lighter colours in softer fabrics, such as cotton and linen. However, the silhouette should still remain slender and properly tailored. I like soft neutral tones and pastel colours.

Our pick: If you’re going for a beach-style wedding, we think it’s time to bust out the dive watch – but an elegant diver. We’d suggest the 42mm Rado Captain Cook, which comes in a range of colours and a charming beads-of-rice style bracelet.

best wedding watches