The top 5 Omega James Bond watches of all time as chosen by you The top 5 Omega James Bond watches of all time as chosen by you

The top 5 Omega James Bond watches of all time as chosen by you

James Robinson

Editor’s note: Earlier this week, we asked a question on Instagram stories, what is your favourite Omega Bond watch from the last 25 years? Imma jump in here just to say, uh, wut? Where is the Spectre Seamaster 300 Limited Edition (my clear favourite Bond watch)? Where is Pierce’s watches? Any of them! It seems you either have short memories, or a serious penchant for the Planet Ocean. Or, more broadly speaking, a preference for the new, because these were the top 5, including a Number 1 that hasn’t even been seen on the screen yet! Really? OK, OK. Hey, we don’t stack these things, we just report the news. Over to you, James – Andrew 

It’s Bond Week here at T+T, and I’ve been shaking, not stirring, my martinis for the last few days – partly to celebrate the British super spy, and partly because Melburnians have once again been relegated to the confines of our stately homesteads (one bedroom apartment for me) … thanks ISO.

I took a short break from stockpiling Four Pillars, vodka, Kina Lillet and all the lemons I could carry, to ask you lovely people: What are the best limited edition Omega Bond watches ever made? The answers were equal parts surprising and expected, but nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them all while sipping on a Vesper Martini and trying to teleport myself to any of the locations in Casino Royale.

Here are the top 5 answers, in reverse order:

5. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Casino Royale Ref.2907.50.91

Best Omega James Bond watches

This was a surprising result, mostly because, when was the last time anyone even saw one of these? Seriously, this limited edition Bond Planet Ocean is harder to track down than the clandestine spy it’s named after. Regardless, this is a pretty brilliant watch, and in my personal top three Omega Bond watches. The 45.5mm stainless steel case is rugged, utilitarian, highly legible on the dial side and very believable as a watch you’d see strapped to the shredded forearm of an ex-special forces gun for hire. And the only giveaway that it’s a Bond watch is the small, unassuming orange “007” logo attached to the end of the seconds hand, and an engraved caseback that reads “Omega” and features the “Casino Royale” logo. A cracking watch with surreptitious features that only the real fans/enthusiasts are going to notice. I’ve also got a massive soft spot for Casino Royale – the first film with Daniel Craig as Bond, and easily the best film in the franchise to date.

4. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Quantum Of Solace Ref.

Best Omega James Bond watches

It may not be the best Bond watch in this bunch … and it certainly wasn’t Daniel Craig’s best outing as 007, but the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Quantum Of Solace has one of the coolest details. Why? The striking diamond-shaped pattern of the dial is designed to mimic the grip you’ll find on a Walther PPK, aka James Bond’s personal handgun of choice. It’s such a badass feature and ingenious way of celebrating the ultimate spy’s watch, you can tell that the Omega designers were really thinking outside the box and having fun with the concept. Oh, and the name of the movie was laser-etched into the sapphire crystal, which is definitely Bondesque.

3. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Skyfall Ref.

Best Omega James Bond watches

Another limited edition Bond watch that doesn’t shout about its business like the others, the Planet Ocean Skyfall definitely plays it a bit closer to the chest. And it’s all the better for it – the surreptitious cues mark this particular Omega 007 timepiece out as being the best-looking example to date, in my humble opinion. The tile-texture dial, in combination with the unassuming applied “007” logo at the seven o’clock position and the red coloured “Seamaster” lettering, just all work so well together. The nicely finished manufacture Calibre OMEGA 8507B movement was also adorned with the words “Skyfall” and the signature “007” motif on the oscillating weight, which could be viewed by owners, thanks to a sapphire crystal display caseback.

2. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spectre 150M

Best Omega James Bond watches

For Commander Bond’s 24th outing in the franchise, Omega decided to change things up a bit. The resulting limited edition 007 timepiece was like one we’d never seen before. Still from the Seamaster family, sure, but an Aqua Terra? This was such a strange move. And you know what? It worked. As Omega themselves describe, they wanted to do something a little different, by focusing on the Bond family crest. “The symbol is repeatedly interlocked to create a dynamic pattern on the watch’s blue dial. The coat of arms is also found near the tip of the yellow central seconds hand. The movement’s oscillating weight is skeletonised and has been cut and shaped to resemble a gun barrel,” the watchmaker explained. It was also a supremely cool touch making the watch resistant to 15,007 gauss, which is evidenced by the contrasting yellow lettering on the dial. Well played to the many, many voters that nominated this one.

1. Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition

Best Omega James Bond watches

Well, this was to be expected – it’s the newest special edition Bond watch and, for the most part, it’s a brilliant timepiece. The 42mm case is hewn from titanium, as is the conforming Milanese-style bracelet, which means it wears light but tough on the wrist, therefore making it the perfect companion for blowing up enemies or trying to seduce femme fatales. And it looks and feels like a proper tool watch that a British Secret Service agent would wear, with features like the Broad Arrow motif. Omega even eschewed the date complication. My only gripe is the fauxtina treatment, which having now had some time to think about it, only occasionally frustrates me. All that remains to be seen now is whether No Time to Die will be as good a movie as this Omega is a Bond watch … that is, if it ever gets released.