Bi-Compax Beauties: 3 great looking chronographs for the discerning timekeeper Bi-Compax Beauties: 3 great looking chronographs for the discerning timekeeper

Bi-Compax Beauties: 3 great looking chronographs for the discerning timekeeper

James Robinson

Any type of chronograph is going to be an exceedingly handy complication for a wristwatch to possess. However, while the function of the chronograph is broadly the same no matter what make or model of watch you go for, they aren’t all aesthetically equal — not by a long shot. No, the best-looking chronographs on the market generally all have one thing in common: Bi-Compax Dials. That’s right, the simple and elegant look of two sub-dials, traditionally located at three and nine o’clock, provides a great amount of symmetry and harmony that, in turn, lends itself to a more arresting overall look. We’ve chosen three great-looking chronographs for the discerning timekeeper. Enjoy.


best bicompax chronograph watches

The Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono blue dial is an absolute peach that stands out in this collection of very solid watches as something a little special. Powered by an adapted Valjoux 7753, this watch has a longer than average power reserve of 60 hours. Hamilton’s watchmakers have optimised one of the most epic workhorses in horology for a longer run time between winds – despite the movement operating at a standard 28,800 vibrations per hour.

Ref No: H38416541 / Case size: 40mm / Case material: Steel / Movement: H-31 / Price: USD$2195


best bicompax chronograph watches

There are some watches that need to be seen in person to be properly appreciated. At first glance, the Bellytanker range could be overlooked, but in the metal, or the bronze specifically, the Bellytanker colourways are seen to mesh superbly with the range’s classical proportions. The bronze model is on-trend and the colour choices on point. If you’re looking to get involved with the bronze bonanza, this is another good option.

Ref No: BRV294-BC-BR/SCA / Case size: 41mm / Case material: Bronze / Movement: BR-CAL.301 / Price: $7900


best bicompax chronograph watches

The Bremont Arrow is a single pusher chronograph and the largest of the new HMAF collection from the British brand. A dual-register chronograph, the Arrow shows elapsed seconds via the red arrow-tipped central seconds hand, accruing up to 30 minutes by way of the counter at three o’clock. The going seconds are displayed by the sub-dial at 9 o’clock. Bremont’s new solid-case design is used, retaining the same WWII-inspired silhouette of the Bremont Broadsword.

Ref No: HMAF-Arrow / Case size: 42mm / Case material: Steel / Movement: BE-51AE / Price: $6100