VIDEO: Baselworld is not dead! It’s on YouTube, including a smoking hot new khaki Longines live on wrist

VIDEO: Baselworld is not dead! It’s on YouTube, including a smoking hot new khaki Longines live on wrist

Andrew McUtchen

Never been to Baselworld? We can fix that. Just give us half an hour. In our first of three episodes re-creating the Baselworld experience – with all the things you expect, i.e lots and lots of watches and lots of things you don’t – we run through all the new releases from brands that show at Basel including Omega, Longines, Rado, Tissot and Glashütte Original. And we try on two brand new Longines models in the metal, including the first HydroConquest I’ve ever wanted to buy. In addition to the watches, these are three memorable moments from Part 1.

1. Re-walking into Baselworld (which is now a lost world)      

I always struggled to explain to people how ‘big’ Baselworld was. And that is meant in every sense of the word. Watching myself walk in, in 2017, I can understand again why. It was an absolute assault on the senses. What to look at! The staggering booths? The armada of tall women in white dresses and heels handing out newspapers? 

end of baselworld

2. Nick Kenyon’s entrance

Nick, like most of the world, is working from home at the moment. That doesn’t stop his entrance being utterly spectacular. You think his debut walk-in Home Delivery Watch Fair is going to be hard to top? Watch and learn. (And thank you Jack Black.) 

3. Fabrizio’s reaction when I tell him I would like a sketching class, please

Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani is rarely seen without a pencil in his hand. And from that pencil has sprung many designs we know and love as modern staples in watchmaking. So it seemed like a good idea to hijack our interview on Zoom and ask for some pointers. Like, how to sketch a Finissimo? 

Video Giveaways

In each of these Home Delivery Watch Fair and Watch & Chill episodes we give something away. The first episode was a Collector’s Pack of NOW Magazines. In the recent Zenith El Primero Special Edition of Watch & Chill we offered to give away a Time+Tide two-watch box to someone who could answer a pretty intense quiz correctly. The winner of that competition is Richard Baptist, who answered everything in the quiz correctly, and with great humour. We must also award a consolation prize to Jean Hadzi. He answered every single question incorrectly, which took skill in itself. And he did so in the most long-winded fashion possible. Jean, you gave us all a laugh, and whatever you’re drinking, perhaps lay off it a little bit.

Stay tuned for episode two of the Home Delivery Watch Fair, Basel Edition, dropping at the same time next week! 12pm AEST, 10pm in NYC and 7pm in LA.  

If you missed the Watches & Wonders fair video, be sure to check it out.