HANDS-ON: Grand Seiko’s SBGY002, a hot new hand-wound take on the Snowflake

It’s been an excellent crop of new releases for Grand Seiko, and hiding amidst a healthy assortment of models came this gem — the yellow gold SBGY002. Using a new hand-winding 9R31 Spring Drive movement with a power reserve of 72 hours, the new piece mates a variation of the brand’s iconic Snowflake dial with a more traditional and slender dress watch casing. Coming in north of $25K, it’s obviously a different beast to the classic Snowflake model; however, the new… Read More

OPINION: Was Baselworld Boring? 

It’s now 10 days since Baselworld 2019 ended – but it feels like yesterday. Or half a lifetime ago. That’s what a week of viewing hundreds of new watches through a haze of severe jet lag, industrial quantities of caffeine and minimal sleep does to you. But with time comes recovery, and with that comes perspective. So now seems like a good moment to look back on what was always going to be one of the most keenly anticipated Baselworlds… Read More

VIDEO: A closer look at the Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J

One of the bigger surprises of Basel was Seiko’s announcement of their high-end Prospex LX collection — big, chunky sports watches that feature a level of fit and finish we’ve seldom seen on a Seiko-labelled watch.  And while the initial collection was a drop of six models, the one that we were most interested in, and — I suspect — the most crowd-pleasing number is the SNR029J1, a straight-up-and-down diver — inspired, to no small degree, by the classic Marinemaster… Read More

VIDEO: Andrew picks 3 watches from Basel under $3000 for your first good watch, and it’s two divers and a battle-weary soldier

I can remember very clearly what it was like to be on the other side of my first ‘good’ watch. I would trawl daily the second-hand sites for incomings, researching models and brands. I would stare in wonder at the pages I was laying out in a magazine for a watch retailer – mentally filing models by price, availability and location. I would have loved a video like this at that phase of life. One that pulls together three contenders… Read More

VIDEO: This is what a heritage reissue should look like – the Seiko SLA033

Few things excite Seiko fans as much as a solid historical reissue (or re-creation in Seiko’s parlance), and this year’s limited edition, the SLA033, is about as exciting as they come.  First of all, it’s based on a diver. Indeed, for many of the Seiko cognoscenti, it’s based on the diver, the 6105, a watch that — thanks to its reliability and corresponding popularity with American servicemen involved in the Vietnam War — contributed to growing the popularity of the Japanese… Read More

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