Baselworld dates back to 1917, and is the largest watch fair, bringing more than 100,000 visitors to the small town of Basel every year. They come to see the latest and greatest watches from Swiss legends like Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Tudor and even non-Swiss brands such as Seiko. But with a trend of declining attendance in exhibitors and attendees, and industry uncertainty, Baselworld 2018 looks set to be even more interesting than usual.

VIDEO: Jaquet Droz’s Grande Seconde Skelet-One shows off its strong bones 

One of the things I love most in watches is when a brand challenges my preconceptions. That’s exactly what happened in Jaquet Droz’s Basel booth earlier this year. I was surrounded by writing machines, jewelled butterflies, automata of all shapes and sizes (well, not really, but you get my point), and then BAM! I saw the Skelet-One. I mean, sure, technically it’s part of the Grande Seconde family (just like the Tribute), but to my mind it’s aggressive modernity meets… Read More

HANDS-ON: Chanel’s exceptional Boy.Friend Skeleton

Gender-fluid. If you were born yesterday or became acquainted with pop culture only last year, you could be forgiven for thinking – based on the excitable talk among style-and-social commentators – that it’s a newly minted concept. Not so. The 1970s: boys wearing their hair longer than girls; 1966: Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking … and so on, back through time. And watches: Cartier’s Tank, Rolex’s Datejust and Day-Date – those designs were always androgynous. And so to a watch that… Read More

HANDS-ON: Looking great in grey – the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Panorama Date 

It’s easy with any brand’s new release catalogue to get swept up with the drama and complexity of the halo pieces. In the case of Glashütte Original that glory goes to the flashy green of the Sixties Panorama Date, or the bells and whistles of the Senator Cosmopolite. But sometimes you crave something simple, clean and pure. That’s where this latest take on the Senator Excellence Panorama Date comes in. If you’re not au fait with the watch, it’s one… Read More

HANDS-ON: The Tudor Black Bay GMT – Pepsi is the new Black (Bay)

Look back at Baselworld predictions over the last few years, and you’re likely to see a GMT from Tudor topping the list. Sure, some of us may have expected to see that little extra hour-telling-hand added to the Pelagos. But with the ever growing – and hugely popular – Black Bay collection proving to be the perfect base from which to begin, particularly after the introduction of the chronograph last year, I think it’s safe to say that we were… Read More

INTRODUCING: Strong looks and value – the Mido Multifort GMT

Mido is a name that might not be too familiar to our Australian readers, as the Swatch Group brand has had the most minimal of minimal presences on our shores until recently. But as it so happens, they’re celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and they’re doing it with a strong collection of watches, like this new GMT addition to their venerable Multifort line. The Mido Multifort GMT — offered in either steel with a black dial, or rose gold PVD… Read More

This page is the home of all the latest and greatest from Baselworld 2018, as we give you the latest on new releases, up-to-the-minute hands-on reviews and videos of the year’s must-have models, all live from the halls of Baselworld.

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