These were the most significant Zenith watches of 2019

Zenith watch releases 2019

Zenith really wowed the global watch community last year with some truly impressive new releases that encompassed beautiful heritage pieces, new case materials and horological innovations that had everyone talking. We'd like to mention all the models that dropped last year, but, to keep it short and sweet, here were the three most important Zenith watches of 2019. ZENITH DEFY INVENTOR Before you ask, Aeronith is not a knock-off cover band honouring Steve Tyler and co. It is a futuristic aluminium foam impregnated with a stabilising polymer. The result is a cratered, ultra- light material that is as visual stunning as it is robust. The Defy Inventor uses this material for the bezel, perfectly framing the movement, which is the main draw: Caliber ZO 9100 runs at 18Hz, or, in layman's terms, 129,600vph. That kind of frequency was once thought impossible. Ref No: 95.9001.9100/78.R584 / Case size: 44mm / Case material: Steel and Aeronith / Movement: ZO 9100 / Price: $26,200 ZENITH EP A384 REVIVAL The EP A384 Revival was one of Zenith's most hotly anticipated drops of 2019. In a year ripe with celebrations dedicated to the El Primero's half-century, it makes perfect sense to launch modern incarnations of…

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My week with the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39

Since the Rolex lineup is peppered with all-stars, like the perennially popular Submariner, crowd favourite GMT-Master II and boy-racer Daytona, it would be easy to overlook the basic Oyster Perpetual as simply filler for the (nowadays usually empty) display case. After spending a week with the new-for-2018 white dial variant, I advise you not to write it off because what we have here is a time-only watch that punches well above its weight class. The formula Consumers are generally trained to think that quality increases proportionally with cost and this can be true with a lot of goods and services in our world. At its retail price, the Oyster Perpetual 39 is one of the least expensive mainstream Rolex models, yet there is no discernible difference in the way it has been constructed relative to, say, a Day-Date. Yes, the Day-Date is made of hefty gold, but aside from the materials and weight, the Oyster Perpetual 39 and Day-Date make it very clear they come from the same factory with the same manufacturing principles. As its name suggests, this watch is 39mm in size which many people now consider to be "just right" in terms of a comfortable fit and…

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Novac Djokovic loves the Seiko Astron

Editor's note: With all the action of the Australian Open now well and truly underway, and following on from news that Seiko and tennis ace Novak Djokovic have just unveiled their latest limited edition timepiece, we thought we'd take another look at their 2019 collaborative special – the Seiko Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition SSE174J.  Tennis great Novak Djokovic and Japanese watch manufacturer Seiko began their (doubles) partnership at the beginning of 2014. Just a few months later, Djokovic regained his position as world number one – a ranking he then held for 28 months straight. Coincidence? Perhaps, but whether it's causation or correlation, the fact remains that the partnership has been an exceptional one for all involved. Especially us, with Seiko releasing a slew of stellar limited editions that celebrate the tennis legend's achievements over the years since. The latest ace to be rocketed over the net is Seiko's brand-new Astron SSE174J, and keen-eyed tennis and watch fans may have already spotted it on the champion's wrist this year, as the comeback kid lifted his trophies and achieved the impossible by clawing his way back from a ranking low of world No. 22 in May to ending the season as world…

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Seiko Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition SSE174J
Watch & Act! Auction Items
23.01.2020  |  Nick Kenyon

"Watch & Act!" Auction Item – Lot 5: A Hublot Classic Fusion, made unique

Hublot Classic Fusion

Another watch conceived from scratch for the 'Watch & Act!' Auction, the Classic Fusion 'Watch & Act!' Unique Piece features a ceramic case, carbon fibre bezel and a shimmering blue dial. The case back is engraved with the words 'Unique Piece'. Before we go on, here's a quick primer on the Classic Fusion line: the collection, introduced in 2010, is intended as a slightly more subtle (dare we say dressier?) offering than the traditional Big Bang, while still possessing some of those indisputable Hublot hallmarks — the 'H' screws on the bezel, the solid end links on the strap, and those contrasting 'ears' on the case at three and six. It's a softer Hublot, sure, but it's still a Hublot. It's also an incredibly stylish watch. The blue dial is lush, like a midnight sky. The satin-finished sunray dial is a wonder to behold, reflecting light all over the place thanks to the polished, faceted markers and hands, not to mention the rich texture of the dial itself. The colour is beautifully picked up in the rubber-backed alligator strap, with colour-matched blue stitch. And then there's the case itself: 45mm of ceramic, a mix of polish and vertical brush ensuring…

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