5 Mido watches to buy in the T+T Shop right now 5 Mido watches to buy in the T+T Shop right now

5 Mido watches to buy in the T+T Shop right now

Nick Kenyon

Founded more than a century ago, Mido is a brand that has some serious history behind it. From producing watches for the founder of Bugatti, to making some of the earliest functional dive watches, Mido still remains under the radar of some enthusiasts. In recent years, the Le Locle-founded watchmaker has carved out a niche within the affordable tool watch space, offering a range of dive watches and chronographs at a price that won’t break the bank. These robustly built, function-forward timepieces are a great everyday option if you’re after something that looks good and doesn’t need to be wrapped in cotton wool when you leave the house.

Mido watches to buy

Recently Time+Tide was proud to announce that we would be stocking Mido in the T+T Shop, offering a number of exciting references that were made with the collecting community in mind. Let’s take a look at five Mido watches to buy in the shop right now.

Mido Ocean Star Chronograph

This blacked out diving chronograph is a bit of a beast on the wrist, made for the rough and ready outdoors. Featuring a 44mm steel case that has a black DLC-coating, the black ceramic bezel perfectly integrates with the monochromatic look. Containing the Automatic Mido Caliber 60 chronograph movement, offering a full 60 hours of power reserve, it arrives on a comfortable rubber strap that will look good if you’re on the beach or in the boardroom.

Price: AUD$3,675. See the full details right here.

Mido Ocean Star Tribute

This lean, green, diving machine is a little more modestly sized than its chronograph compatriot, with a case measuring 40.5mm in diameter. Don’t let that make you think it’s any less capable however, as it guarantees 200m of water resistance and an equally comfortable strap, this time using a hard-wearing fabric material.

Price: AUD$1400. See the full details right here.

Mido Ocean Star GMT

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Often when you’re wearing a diving watch, you aren’t doing it in your nearest body of water. In all likelihood, you’ve travelled, possibly between countries for your scuba adventure, making a dive watch with GMT functionality a pretty good idea. The highly legible dial is framed with a ceramic bezel, while the 44mm steel case houses the Automatic Mido Caliber 80. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Price: AUD$1825. See the full details right here.

Mido Ocean Star

Mido watches to buy

Without a chronograph or GMT function, the time-only Mido Ocean Star is a clean option to keep you company. With a date and date window at 3 o’clock for a little everyday functionality, this 42.5mm reference has a little touch of understated elegance to it.

Price: AUD$1475. See the full details right here.

Mido Ocean Star 200C

Mido watches to buy

You don’t see too many grey dive watches, which is a shame – they look great. Especially with the little pop of orange we find in the Mido Ocean Star 200C, this reference also has a 42.5mm steel case that works nicely with the soft grey dial and ceramic bezel. With 200m of water resistance, this diver will be able to go anywhere your flippers can take you.

Price: AUD$1625. See the full details right here.

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