4 winter warmer watches for less than $6K 4 winter warmer watches for less than $6K

4 winter warmer watches for less than $6K


Editor’s note: Things certainly got cold fast in Melbourne, and we’re busy working out ways to stay warm. And that includes our wrists … 

The northern parts of the world might be enjoying long, lazy afternoons of relaxation and summer fun, but down here in Australia things have taken a turn for the cooler. So, to help take the chill off, we’ve found four winter warmer timepieces to hold you over until the summer months.

Bulgari Octo Roma

Bulgari Octo Roma

With its dark caramel dial and rich chestnut strap, Bulgari’s brand new Octo Roma is the watchmaking equivalent of a well-worn Chesterfield, eternally stylish and always comfortable. $5950 USD 


Sinn 356 Sa Pilot II

Sinn 356 SA Pilot II

The dial on this Sinn has to be seen to be believed. The finely guilloched copper dial shifts from brown to pink to orange, depending on the light. While everyone seems to gravitate to Sinn’s more traditional offerings, this little stunner is the sleeper hit. $3740

Ball Engineer III Bronze Star

Ball Engineer III Bronze Star

Outside of gold, bronze – with its rich lustre – is the warmest of case materials, so it’s the perfect tonal choice for the cold season. Pair with Harris tweed and something peaty from Scotland. $3595

Oris Aquis Date

Oris aquis Date

Now, diving in winter is only for the bravest of the brave. But if you must do it, at least the orange details on this Aquis will remind you of a warmer time. They’ll also be easy to read at depth. $2500