11 DAYS OF LONDONERS: Day 8 – David Gandy, male supermodel and secret watch nerd 11 DAYS OF LONDONERS: Day 8 – David Gandy, male supermodel and secret watch nerd

11 DAYS OF LONDONERS: Day 8 – David Gandy, male supermodel and secret watch nerd


Editor’s note: A few months back, we announced that former Editor of GQ Australia, Mike Christensen, was to be our first European Editor. In this series, ‘11 Days of Londoners’, Mike will be sharing the stories of a few notable local collectors, starting on Day 1 with King Nerd, and with a stellar lineup still to come. Lastly, you might ask, why 11 days? That, friends, will become clearer over time … 

As well as being the world’s most well-known male supermodel, David Gandy is a role model for how to be a quintessential English gentleman and modern man. A fellow doting father like myself, the keen car and watch lover talks us through his carefully thought-out collection of timepieces.

David Gandy

The story behind the watch I’m wearing today

It’s a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic. I bought the watch when my daughter was born a few years ago and I have her initials and date of birth engraved on the back. It’s a watch I have always admired, and has quickly become my favourite.

What I love most about watches

It’s a hard question to answer. The same as people ask me where my passion for classic cars started. None of my family ever had an interest or could even afford expensive watches or cars when I was growing up, so they are not passions and interests that I have inherited. However, I suppose it’s just a love of overall style and design. Watches are not a statement piece for me, as most of my collection are smaller, more discreet pieces. I suppose it’s owning something with heritage and history. I love the stories behind timepieces and the hours that have gone into making something extremely special that will be cherished not only by myself but when I hand them down to a younger generation.


David Gandy

Tell us an entertaining watch-related anecdote

I’m not sure I really have any. I think people think it’s strange that I match my style of watch and straps to my outfit, but to me that’s not strange at all. The funniest thing is many times I have been wearing expensive watches on shoots, and it’s very easy to completely forget what timepiece you are wearing. Many times I have left a photoshoot or even got home and realised I’m still wearing the watch that was featured in the photographs. Of course, I either go back and give it to them, or let them know immediately that I have it … what is strange is that many times they didn’t even realise!

David Gandy

My favourite watch from 2020

I added the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo to my collection last year, being the record-breaking thinnest watch ever developed. A really interesting concept and it really stands out with its individuality.

Describe my personal style

I’m known for my suits and tailoring, however I’m just as likely to be seen in T-shirts and jeans. My style is a very classical, utilitarian way of dressing. I don’t believe in disposable fashion, so everything I have is bought to last. It certainly couldn’t be called trend-driven, I believe more in finding a style that you are comfortable in and gives you confidence, while still maintaining an element of individuality.

David Gandy

Other watches I have in my collection

I have a few vintage Omegas – a Bullhead and Speedmaster, and a vintage oversized Breitling Navitimer. I have competed in the Mille Miglia a few times and you are given the MM limited edition Chopard watches when you complete the race and these watches mean a lot to me. Then there are some modern Montblancs, Omegas and Breitlings. My everyday favourite has to be my Omega De Ville, which everyone seems to ask me about but never buy themselves.

Someone I know who has an admirable watch collection

Editor and journalist Robin Swithinbank (@robin_swithinbank) not only has a wonderful collection but is incredibly knowledgeable on the history of timepieces. If there is any advice or information I need to know about watches and watch brands, he is the guy I talk to.