WIN! Some really cool stuff from Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Nomos just by surfing YouTube*


The collection includes an Audemars Piguet branded Boom Boom! Speaker by Mathieu Lahanneur, a very, very colourful tie from Patek Philippe, a shiny Nomos fountain pen, and some stationery to write on. The winner may also receive a Xmas decoration with Felix entombed in it. We’ll see.

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s that time of year when aeroplanes start playing ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey in preparation for take off, and, cruelly, at landing too. It is December. It’s summer in Australia. And it’s giving season at Time+Tide. Last year we had a veritable Santa sack of watch related goodies, and in 2016, we’re still turning up, but this time with a more refined, but no less desirable assortment. The collection includes an AP branded Boom Boom! Speaker by Mathieu Lahanneur, a very, very colourful tie from Patek Philippe, a shiny Nomos fountain pen, and some stationery to write on. The burning question is, do you also win the Xmas bauble with Felix in it? The answer is we’re not sure we can part with it. He is very attached to his baubles. It really depends how much joy it would bring your Xmas. Feel free to let us know.

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What’s the catch? Who can enter? Well, to be really honest about this, we. are. sick of enduring abuse for only offering survey prizes to Aussies. So guess what, EVERYONE can enter. All you have to do is Subscribe to our YouTube channel, throw a few comments around (‘like this’, ‘love this’, ‘why did they put the date window there’,  ‘Felix’s hair looks amazing’ etc) and it could be you, no matter where on the globe you reside. Even that guy in Antarctica (hi guy in Antarctica!) can win. In fact, I hope you do. I wanted to give you the watch actually, the team wouldn’t let me. Bah, rules. This time though…

The rules again. Anyone can enter. Antarctica entrants wildly encouraged. Winners will be drawn from our YouTube subscribers (cross referenced with commenters) on Thursday 22nd December. Merry Xmas to each and every one of you. To celebrate we’re releasing a fructose-free advent calendar in the form of 24 live video reviews of the year’s best watches on YouTube each and every day. Enjoy responsibly, subscribe and MAKE SOME NOISE.

With summery Aussie Xmas cheer, Andrew, Andy, Ash, Ceri, Felix and the team

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