VIDEO: Leading Melbourne-based style influencer tries her hand at shooting and reviewing the Cartier Hypnose, with surprising results


It was a complete leap of faith. @thetiafox, Melbourne-based citizen of the world and curator of all things immaculate looks like she was born to work with a watch like the Cartier Hypnose. So, with a little help from Cartier Australia, we arranged for the two to meet. The plan was simple: get them together for a week, then get out of the way. The results were, well, romantic. The Tia Fox, or Melanie Liu to use her real name, not only took the watches to some of Melbourne’s most magnificent and romantic spaces – all with a classic, architectural… Read More

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: Blancpain makes a splash with the Ocean Commitment II


There are a few things everyone in the Time+Tide office can get behind 100 per cent: coffee, classic ’70s rock and blue watches. In fact, we spent a good portion of 2015 quietly losing it over how stunning Blancpain’s Bathyscaphe Ocean Commitment was, with its lustrous blue dial and grey ceramic case. So when we heard earlier this year that the brand would release a follow-up watch, we were honestly sceptical as to how it could be topped. As it turns out, all it took was for Blancpain to flip it. The dial is now a slate grey sunburst and the case… Read More

VIDEO: Bulgari CEO chooses watches for our PM, Rebel Wilson, Joel Edgerton in an unmissable Celebrity Watch Match


It started in Tokyo. We were over there with Bulgari to celebrate the launch of their first ever watch, the Bulgari Roma, released just over 40 years ago. We landed, in a spare moment, at the bar. Our cameraman Marcus, or perhaps me, I honestly can’t remember, suggested we have a restorative whisky. It had been a long day. Before we knew it, Bulgari’s chief watch designer, Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani had joined us, and we were once again talking watches. We started comparing Bulgari watches to whisky, and thus, one of our favourite ever videos was created. It seemed only logical… Read More

VIDEO: Paradise found with Vacheron Constantin, shot on location at Lord Howe Island


We gave a glimpse of our 48 hours in paradise with the Vacheron Constantin Overseas collection a month ago, but now, with the watches officially revealed and reviewed, it’s time to turn up the envy to unforeseen levels. In addition to mouthwatering shots of the collection, hands-down one of the best in the steel sports category this year, we’re also showing here just how spectacular Lord Howe Island is. From the volcanic peaks, to the friendly schools of fish that mill around your ankles in the shallows, to the outlook from the luxury Capella Lodge where my room had, just… Read More

VIDEO: Rodger Corser on acting, coming home and Tudor watches


I first noticed it for a split-second in Channel 9’s new show Doctor Doctor. Pause. Rewind. Yep, there was no mistaking the black bezel and dial on the wrist of Hugh Knight (the titular doctor) – definitely a Tudor Black Bay. I filed that knowledge away in the part of my brain dedicated to celebrity watch-spotting, not imagining for a minute that a few weeks later I’d be having a drink with Rodger Corser, in a tiny laneway bar, talking about that exact timepiece. Watches tell you a lot about a character, and a bad choice is immediately obvious. But… Read More

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: Smoke and mirrors – the Hublot Big Bang All Black Sapphire


Ten years ago Hublot pioneered the black-on-black-on-black look in watches. Sure, it made it hard to read the time, but when your watch looked that cool who could care? They called it (appropriately enough) ‘All Black’ and this year they’ve released a number of special limited editions to celebrate. The standout is this not-so-stealthy Big Bang. Instead of PVD or black ceramic, Hublot has created a Dark Crystal Big Bang out of black sapphire, creating a blacked-out watch that’s surprisingly lively on the wrist, full of mirror-like reflections and smoky finishes. Just don’t expect it to fly under the radar…. Read More

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: See the world in colour with Montblanc’s 4810 Orbis Terrarum


When I was in high school we had to buy an atlas/geography textbook from a publisher called Heinemann. Don’t ask me why I remember this – it’s just one of the scores of useless trivia facts that are stuck in my head, while much more important information (such as reference numbers and calibre names) seem to constantly elude me. One of the things I liked most about this atlas were the different types of map on offer: Political, altitude, rainfall, temperature – Heinemann had them all. And this is what the new, brightly coloured dial of the 4810 Orbis Terrarum instantly reminded… Read More