VIDEO: A slightly smaller statement watch, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 43mm

TAG Heuer’s avant-garde new take on the classic Carrera, the Heuer 01, has become an increasingly bright – and big – star in the brand’s firmament since its release in 2015. TAG Heuer have used the modular case as a vehicle to release everything from tourbillons to smartwatches. The only bone of contention thus far has been the size. 45mm is not small by any means, especially when you factor in the height of the Heuer 01 movement. The new (slightly) smaller 43mm… Read More

VIDEO: Smart and stylish – the Montblanc Summit

When smartwatches burst onto wrists in a big way with the Apple Watch and its Android powered competitors, the response from the Swiss hegemony lacked a single clear message. Some brands spurned the very concept of a luxury smartwatch, while others wholeheartedly embraced this new frontier. A few years on and the landscape has changed, with the large luxury groups seeing potential in this relatively new market segment. At the Richemont group, the smart push is spearheaded by Montblanc and… Read More

VIDEO: Panerai – the art of the tool watch, explained

All this week we’ve been asking people what Panerai means to them, and we couldn’t think of a better way of wrapping it up than hearing from Panerai collector – and a man with an eye for fine design – Michael S. Michael, or Mickey to most, manages to sum up just what makes Panerai great in under a minute. The key features that Panerai initially developed were with naval warfare in mind. They resulted in a watch that is (paradoxically)… Read More

VIDEO: The Tudor Black Bay Chrono – what it’s really like on the wrist

Earlier this week we ran a thousand or so words on the Tudor Black Bay Chrono, along with some pretty crispy pics, which are – as the saying goes – easily worth another few thousand words. But in our ever more hectic lives, time becomes an increasingly precious commodity, which is why we’ve also put together this 90-second video review to give you a real sense of what the watch is *actually* like on the wrist, and in three dimensions…. Read More

VIDEO: Two couples explain why they wear Panerai, you can too at #MyPanerai

You’re never quite sure how a film shoot is going to turn out. On paper, things can be obvious. Both of the couples that are featured here had professed to us an enduring love for Panerai. But it was only when we started exploring that attachment, and asking more detailed questions about it, that things took an interesting turn. How did we even get here, though? The thought process from our side was to address this notion of the Panerai… Read More