VIDEO: Our top 10 watches from SIHH 2017 – featuring some *seriously* hot shots


There’s a case for letting the dust settle before you start writing lists after a watch fair. You know, the fullness of time, emotions recollected in tranquility, all that. Or, you could just ride the wave of enthusiasm/delirium while it’s still surging and put it out there, on the spot, from the ‘backstage area’ of one of the booths. Which is precisely what we did on the final day of SIHH 2017 after some frantic notebook scribbling and hurried discussion. We ended up not agreeing enough to do a team list just yet (after all, we’re different people). So we stuck to five… Read More

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: The Da Vinci Automatic shows the gentler side of IWC


For years IWC has staked its claim as being one of the biggest, baddest and most masculine of the major Swiss brands. Recently though, we’ve sensed a change in the wind. In 2014 they released the delicate Portofino, and last year their more petite pilot had women firmly in its sights. That’s set to continue for 2017, with the latest evolution of the historic Da Vinci collection very much conceived with the female wrist in mind. The core of the collection is a range of eight 36mm references, three with moonphase complications. These models with their smaller size, optional diamonds and numerous colourful straps… Read More

VIDEO: 5 Things you probably didn’t know about Ryan Reynolds and his watches


You never know who you’re going to bump into in the halls of a watch fair like SIHH. Apart from when you get a tipoff in your schedule that a celebrity will be at a booth at a certain time, and you get there early with your cameraman to make sure you make something happen. Unfortunately in this case the chat was off camera, but the quotes were real. Here are five things you almost certainly (apart from you crazy Ryan and Deadpool fans) didn’t know about Ryan Reynolds on the subject of watches. 5 things you probably didn’t know about Ryan… Read More

VIDEO: What’s the world’s second biggest watch fair really like? We walked around SIHH so you don’t have to…


SIHH is as common an abbreviation to us as YMCA. It doesn’t have dance moves, it’s not the Nutbush City Limits, but it does involve the team covering some serious mileage early in the year, every year. The question is, what happens at SIHH? What is it actually like? We made a video, to complete our two-part series revealing the truth about watch fairs (part one is here).

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: The restrained beauty of the Drive de Cartier Extra Flat


One of the standout watches of last year was the Drive de Cartier. The collection impressed with its assured case shape – a pleasing blend of robustness and classicism that, for many, epitomised what Cartier is all about. Well, the Extra Flat takes things a few steps further, removing any and all extraneous elements from the Drive and making it even more sublime. What do we mean? For starters the watch is, well, flat. At 6.6mm thick it’s some 40 per cent more slender than the regular automatic Drive – a feat achieved largely thanks to the manually wound caliber… Read More

GONE IN 60 SECONDS: Montblanc channels the spirit of racing with the Timewalker Chronograph Automatic


Walking into Montblanc’s revamped SIHH booth, it didn’t take long to work out what the overarching theme of 2017 would be. If the deconstructed racing chronograph suspended from the ceiling wasn’t enough of a clue, the booth staff in stark white racing firesuits certainly gave the game away. Montblanc’s off to the races, and in pole position is an aggressively updated Timewalker. The Timewalker is one of Montblanc’s most successful ranges and, over the years, the distinctive Arabic numerals, modern hand design and sculptural, cut-away lugs have become emblematic for the brand. Recently though, the pioneering model has been somewhat… Read More

VIDEO: Who will win ‘Apples to Apples’ episode 1? Featuring Frederique Constant and Baume & Mercier


This video series was born out of frustration. We were so sick of being asked to compare “apples to apples” (A2A) when it came to watch recommendations that we went and created a whole new segment – and a new concept for us – to get on the front foot to meet the demand. Like two very proud grocers, we bring you ‘Apples to Apples’. It’s along the lines of Top Gear for watches, but with significantly less talent and on-air experience. We’re doing it because we get it. When you’re looking at buying a watch, it’s natural to ask what else you… Read More