VIDEO: Cartier 2017 collection overview and the ‘perfect’ Drive


Between you and me, we were pretty happy with Cartier’s SIHH 2017 collection. And no, not just because the re-release of the Panthère gives us carte blanche to post this picture of Pierce Brosnan in his ’80s prime: No, it’s because we’re all big fans of the Drive, and the powers that be in Cartier’s product development team saw fit to bless us with two very handsome new versions – one with a moon phase, and an extra-flat version that is, in our not-so-humble opinion, stripped-back perfection. Our only problem with it? The lack of a steel version. Let’s just… Read More

VIDEO: Montblanc 2017 collection overview and our verdict on the new Timewalker


Over the past few years we’ve come to depend on Montblanc for their faultless heritage-inspired reissues and ‘real world’ pricing structure, so imagine the surprise on our faces when we caught our first glimpse of their 2017 line up. Sure, there were still plenty of Heritage Chronométrie pieces and new 4810 models, but the real star of the show was the completely re-imagined Timewalker. In the video, Andrew and I discuss the pros and cons of the brand’s new, automotive direction and while we didn’t quite see eye-to-eye on the on the Timewalker, we could both very much get behind… Read More

VIDEO: Why I love my watch – with RedBar founder Adam Craniotes


If you like watches (you do) and exist in a digital age (also affirmative) there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the garrulous Adam Craniotes – heck you might have even seen his tour of NYC. And if you’ve come across @Craniotes, you’ve probably heard the story of his IWC Perpetual Calendar, and how he had to borrow cash off his mum to get it, and the Delilah-esque toll she exacted. (We’re not going to tell you that story, but you can read up on it here if you like.) On this occasion, we asked Adam to tell us about his Jaeger-LeCoultre Master… Read More

VIDEO: Panerai 2017 collection overview and our 3 favourites *post may contain traces of bronze*


Panerai kicked off 2017 with a bang. The brand that artfully bolts together ‘Italian design and Swiss precision’ showed a cohesive range with a strong material focus at SIHH in January. At the collection’s core was the mighty Luminor Submersible in many shapes and sizes. Andrew and I picked our three favourite takes on this diver’s diver, and it quickly became clear just how versatile the Submersible is: from dressy to everyday to downright lustworthy. All that’s needed is a change of case metal and a new dial. The only question is, which watch wouldn’t Andrew shut up about?

VIDEO: “We need to talk” – a Valentine’s Day letter to Swiss watches


Happy Valentine’s Day! Now, for the downer. What are the words people use when a relationship starts to break down? American songwriter Ryan Adams suggests, “We need to talk.” “I’m confused.” “Maybe later, you can come over?” Elise, our French intern, may be searching for similar phrases right now, because her so-called ‘love letter’ to Swiss watches ends up in some, uh, different places…

VIDEO: Apples to Apples episode 3, Breitling vs IWC – a dogfight in the sky!


Of all the Apples to Apples battles so far, this is pound for pound the closest fight. Today our airborne aces are the Breitling Navitimer 01 (46mm) and the IWC Pilot’s Chronograph. Both watches have histories – and credibility – written in the skies, both are priced at about the same price point, and both are worn with passion by real pilots. So, with a lot of curiosity and anticipation we’re sending this video down the runway. If you’d like to vote, hit up Facebook or comment on YouTube. We reckon this one will go down to the wire. Hope you enjoy the… Read More

VIDEO: How not to screw up buying your partner a Valentine’s Day watch, a 90-second refresher

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 10.40.08 AM

It’s a couple of sleeps until Valentine’s Day, which means the window for buying your beloved a watch is rapidly closing. If you’re thinking of pulling the trigger, congratulations, may the wind be at your back and the watch you want in stock. But before you buy, watch this 90-second refresher featuring someone you can trust. Her name is Brooke, her life revolves around creating unique and beautiful weddings over at farewell fiancé, and her message is short and sweet. What’s the mistake you’re most likely to make? How can you avoid it? Over to you, Brooke… P.S. – If… Read More