VIDEO: 5 reasons you should have the Tudor Heritage Chrono

We’ve been engaging in a little bit of watch personality matching this week, pairing daring divers up with the Pelagos, and dashing sartorialists with the Heritage Black Bay. But what if you sit somewhere between the two? Sporty and casual, but overall, stylish. Well, by now it should come as absolutely no surprise that there is a third option. The colourful Heritage Chrono. So, if you want an eminently practical chronograph with more than a splash of colour, this could… Read More

VIDEO: Solar flair – Seiko’s stylish Prospex SSC618P

Dive watches, thanks in part to their function-before-form ideology, can often be, well, formulaic. Seiko’s bold gold SSC618P manages to buck the trend in a few ways. Firstly, and most obviously, they’ve dressed up rugged steel with an unmissable rose gold coating, which must surely increase visibility underwater, as it’s certainly eye-catching on land. Then there’s the fact that this is a dive-ready chronograph, a slightly uncommon combination, but it’s always fun to play with screw-down pushers. And finally there’s… Read More

VIDEO: 8 signs you should be wearing a Tudor Pelagos

“Which watch should I get?” It’s the first, and hardest, question to answer for any watch lover (shortly followed by “which watch should I get next?”), and our news and reviews aim to make that question easier for you to answer. Well, today we make it simpler yet, with a series of three short videos that each ask, “How do you know which Tudor is right for you?” We match three key watches from Tudor’s catalogue to three styles of… Read More

VIDEO: Girard-Perregaux level up with the Laureato in steel

A little while ago, we put together a list of luxury sports watches and it went – to use a technical term – bananas. There’s something about the combination of utility and exclusivity that really appeals to people. And as I look down at the Laureato on my wrist as I type this, I can honestly say, I get it. Sure, tool-like dive watches and sporty chronographs fill a place in our watch-loving hearts that crave functionality and purpose, but… Read More

VIDEO: The Longines Flagship Heritage 60th Anniversary

The hardest thing when recreating a vintage watch design is knowing when to stop. Some changes — swapping the plexiglass crystal for sapphire, and upgrading the movement — are logical, and others, like an increase in size to more modern dimensions, make sense. But the real art is knowing where to stop, and what to keep. By that measure, the Longines Flagship Heritage 60th Anniversary is a masterpiece in miniature — 38.5mm to be exact. This size is a perfect case… Read More