VIDEO: Rodger Corser on acting, coming home and Tudor watches

I first noticed it for a split-second in Channel 9’s new show Doctor Doctor. Pause. Rewind. Yep, there was no mistaking the black bezel and dial on the wrist of Hugh Knight (the titular doctor) – definitely a Tudor Black Bay. I filed that knowledge away in the part of my brain dedicated to celebrity watch-spotting, not imagining for a minute that a few weeks later I’d be having a drink with Rodger Corser, in a tiny laneway bar, talking about that exact timepiece.


Rodger’s grandfather’s Tudor.

Watches tell you a lot about a character, and a bad choice is immediately obvious. But for Rodger, the Black Bay Black is more than just a smart props decision, it’s a deeply personal link, one that ties into his other on-screen personas and informs his craft. Of course we spoke about more than just watches – we discussed how he felt coming back to his hometown of Melbourne, as well as the importance of timing, and making the most out of opportunities when they arise.

We highly recommend you watch the full three-minute story, but if you want to cut straight to the watches and the story of the Tudor Rodger’s grandfather passed down through the family, you can do that too in the video below.