VIDEO: Leading Melbourne-based style influencer tries her hand at shooting and reviewing the Cartier Hypnose, with surprising results


It was a complete leap of faith. @thetiafox, Melbourne-based citizen of the world and curator of all things immaculate looks like she was born to work with a watch like the Cartier Hypnose. So, with a little help from Cartier Australia, we arranged for the two to meet. The plan was simple: get them together for a week, then get out of the way. The results were, well, romantic. The Tia Fox, or Melanie Liu to use her real name, not only took the watches to some of Melbourne’s most magnificent and romantic spaces – all with a classic, architectural bent to reference the design of the Hypnose, so thoughtful this one – she also built the photo shoot around a little love story; a narrative about a couple that meet when the female lead (Mel) drops a printed neck scarf in the docklands. To say any more would be to give the story away. To find out more, check in at The Tia Fox on Instagram where a couple of the images have already been posted, with another going up later today. So we’ll hold fire until Friday, when Mel will publish all photos from the shoot, and share her thoughts on the watch here on Time+Tide. Quite the journey! Enjoy the video, which tells a little more of the story.