VIDEO: Bulgari CEO chooses watches for our PM, Rebel Wilson, Joel Edgerton in an unmissable Celebrity Watch Match

It started in Tokyo. We were over there with Bulgari to celebrate the launch of their first ever watch, the Bulgari Roma, released just over 40 years ago. We landed, in a spare moment, at the bar. Our cameraman Marcus, or perhaps me, I honestly can’t remember, suggested we have a restorative whisky. It had been a long day. Before we knew it, Bulgari’s chief watch designer, Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani had joined us, and we were once again talking watches. We started comparing Bulgari watches to whisky, and thus, one of our favourite ever videos was created. It seemed only logical that when Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin arrived at our office, we find a way to continue the tradition, but being rather early in the day, we held the harder stuff and instead played more of an in-boutique retail training type game: What watches would Jean-Christophe choose for different – and to him, wholly unknown – people that we presented to him an on iPad? His answers were, without giving too much away, brilliant. So considered. So spot-on. You’ll have to see the thought processes in action, because it’s very impressive. Enjoy our first, and certainly not our last, Celebrity Watch Match.