TOP POSTS OF 2016: Number 2 – Greg Norman’s watch story

Editor’s Note: The internet is a weird and wonderful place, where the normal rules of logic often don’t apply. Case in point, the fact this short interview with Australian champion golfer (and de facto diplomat) Greg Norman was our second-most-read story this year. Seems there’s a lot of love out there for the Great White Shark. 


Greg Norman is an Omega ambassador and travels with six watches at any given time.

How many watches do you own?

Well, I’m a very lucky guy. I sound bad, but I have a lot of watches. It’s the only thing a man can really wear. A man can’t really wear earrings, or necklaces or bracelets. Well, he can if he wants I suppose, but me, I travel with six watches at all times.

Only six?

Only six because they tend to match what I wear. My wife does a great job because she picks out a watch to wear with each outfit. And I’m lucky because I represent Omega so there are some great options.

Do you have your go-to favourites for travel?

When I go away I do have my favourites, but quite honestly when I’m home, I don’t wear a watch. When I’m just around the house, I don’t wear a watch.

I did a Google image search to see if you wore one playing and sometimes you did, sometimes you didn’t.

I was the first guy actually to wear a watch playing golf.

Really? Ever?

Mm-hm, yeah. I used to wear it on my left hand, but when I would putt, and it was late in the afternoon, the setting sun would reflect off the face. The glare would be somewhere around your ball so that’s why I always switch to wear on my right hand so this side was always facing down so the sun wouldn’t cause any issues. I do enjoy watches and I’m very lucky. If I have a collection, I have a collection of watches. My wife has got them all sized down. She loves it. She probably adjusted maybe forty of my watches, so she was lucky too I suppose.