BREAKING NEWS: Time+Tide Reboots the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CH80


While TAG Heuer’s Carrera CH80 was one of the hits of Baselworld 2014, our man David Chalmers from Calibre 11, (the world’s leading source of news for TAG Heuer collectors) tells us that the model shown last week will likely change between now and when it hits the stores.

This might sound unusual, but its actually par for the course. Many people forget that Baselworld is actually a trade show, where dealers come to place their orders for the year. That gives the brands the chance to make subtle changes to the designs of the watches that they show before the final model lands.

But rather than simply describe to you what we think could change, we’ve gone one step further- Ladies & Gentlemen, fresh from our fevered imaginings, here is our take on the final Carrera Calibre CH80, based on a combination of what we heard behind the scenes, a little old-fashioned deduction and the merest sprinkle of wishing.

Essentially what we’ve done falls into two buckets: We’ve dialled down the red and added more depth to the dial.


“Our” Carrera CH80 (on the right)  is closer to the original Carrera 2447 and we think a cleaner, simpler design than the Baselworld version (on left) . But you’ll have to wait another couple of months to see if we were right.

And for those who like the Time + Tide Carrera CH80, here is another version, this time with a powder-Blue dial from Steve McQueen’s Monaco 1133B. Come on TAG Heuer, make it happen – we promise it’d sell like hotcakes.


Images composed for Calibre 11 and Time + Tide by Brice Goulard of Monochrome.