TEAM PICK: Felix Scholz’s favourite stories of 2016

Of all the (many) lists of I’ve put together this year, this is without doubt, the hardest. So many great stories had to be left on the cutting room floor; reviews I really enjoyed writing, photos that brought a tear to my eye, some really fun creative stuff and, of course, Andy Green’s on-screen debut. But, sadly, the cuts had to be made. So here they are, my favourite stories of 2016. Just don’t ask me tomorrow as they’ll probably have changed 🙂

IN-DEPTH: We fight over the new grey-dialled Slim d’Hermès
BY: Felix Scholz and Ceri David


“There’s a few reasons why this is my favourite story of 2016. First of all the watch itself is incredible. Secondly Ash’s photographs are cracking. But thirdly, and most importantly, this review is the Time+Tide equivalent of Islands in the Stream, where I’m Kenny and Ceri is Dolly. It’s as simple as that.”

INSIGHT: Blancpain Ocean Commitment – the stories behind the pictures
BY: Dietmar Fuchs


“So, this is a little awkward. My second favourite story of the year contains absolutely zero watches, but given that we’re pretty watch-heavy the other 364 days of the year, maybe it’s OK.  To make up for the lack of wrist candy, there’s 12 absolutely stonking examples of underwater photography at its best, with the stories behind them compiled by Dietmar Fuchs. Amazing stuff, and a great reminder of the beauty and power of nature.”

VIDEO: We asked Oscar Hunt Tailors to design a suit to match the Clé de Cartier
BY: Andrew McUtchen

Dormeuil wool suit, cotton shirt, both by Oscar Hunt; pocket square by Biagio Santo for Oscar Hunt

“How could the handsome and hirsute Chris Edwards of Oscar Hunt Tailors not feature in my top picks 0f 2016? Ceri was lucky enough to spend some quality time with him and the Drive de Cartier in Florence earlier this year, but my personal pick is this video, where we set the Oscar Hunt team the challenge of tailoring a suit for the curvy Clé. Two minutes and 20 seconds well worth watching.”